Best 1911 Build Kits (2022): Buying Guide

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Nowadays, you can build a great 1911 for less money than it may cost to go down to the gun store and choose one that has already been assembled. The benefit to this method is that you can modify the specifics of your 1911 pistol, making it a personal, individual firearm exclusively suited to you and your needs. 

In this mini review guide, we’ll go over some of the best build kits for many 1911 custom jobs and provide some resources where possible to help you craft your ultimate firearm. If you are seeking for other parts, click this comprehensive review on the best upgrades.

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Sig Sauer Parts Kit, 1911, 45acp

Most Recommended Option

1. Back by SIG Sauer lifetime warranty
2. Has many replacement parts

Nighthawk Custom – 1911 Government Match Grade Parts Kit

1. Makes 1911 in government-style
2. Makes a complete 1911

9.0/10SHOP NOW
Sig Sauer MCX Rattler

1. Has one frame for government model 1911
2. Balanced for 10mm use

8.5/10SHOP NOW
Wolff – Colt 1911/1911a1 Service Pak1. Great packaging from Wolff
2. Contains rare springs needed for Colt 1911
8.0/10SHOP NOW
Ed Brown – 1911 Rebuild Kit1. Contains all necessary items for repairs or finishing a build
2. Fits standard and high-capacity frames
7.5/10Currently unavailable

1911 Builders Kit Review : What Are Inside The 1911 Pistol Kit?

When it comes to 1911 build kits, there are some components that every good kit should have. These are going to be some of the essential major components you’ll need to either make a complete weapon from scratch or finish off a build that has part of an existing frame already put together. This aspect depends on the exact kit you are looking to buy. 

1911 Frames Kits​

The frame is the general shape of the gun and its outline backbone. This will dictate where the rest of the pieces fit into the weapon together and can affect aspects such as weight, the type of slide and barrels you can mount, and what kind of grip you can put on. It may also affect the calibre of ammunition you can chamber, although this is more related to the gun’s barrel. 


The slide is what frames the next round in the chamber and dumps the used casing onto the ground. Make sure that you get a good slider that will not jam or fail as you’re trying to squeeze off rounds. The slider also needs to fit onto your frame really well too. 


This will disturb the calibre of bullets you can use, as well as their general accuracy and speed. Some barrels are threaded or have other adjustments to make the bullets spin, maintaining their accuracy over lengthier distances. You’ll definitely want to look for a good barrel for your kit though. 

Other Miscellaneous Parts​ 

Beyond those 3 components, check for triggers, grips, pins, and the many screws you’ll need to complete a full 1911 or all of the development remaining for a build that you’ve already started. Some kits come with some extras or attachments, too, and these can be great snips if you were in the market for that particular accessory anyway. 

How to Choose The Best 1911 Build Kit

Before we look at the best 1911 build kits, let’s go over a few important factors to watch for that can help you regulate when a particular build kit is worth your time. 

Pistol Use​ 

Figure out what you intend to use the pistol for. Concealed carry? Government model? Whatever your reasons are, different kits will be better at making diverse variants of a 1911 pistol. Knowing which one you’re going for right at the start will prevent you from making any stupid mistakes or buying the wrong build kit. 


It’s significant that you buy a good kit, even if it’s a little more expensive or out of your budget or price point items frame. You wouldn’t want to make a 1911 out of cheap frame parts. The worst-case scenario is that you may end up building a damaged 1911 AR 15 weapon that breaks or explodes when you try to produce a frame fire. Don’t buy cheap ones! Buy something that is made with high-quality care. At the same time, you don’t have to go for the most expensive kits if you know a cheaper tool that is made with equally good stock quality frame materials. 

Check Your Tools 

Any 1911 build kit is going to need productivity tools, but different kits will have different product parts in numerous stages of completion. Try to find a 1911 kit frame that only requires the tools you have in your workshop. If you have everything you can imagine in your garage and can finish any build, you don’t need to fret much about the kits aspect frame so much. 

The Review of the Best 1911 Build Kits – Revealed 

Now that we’re all up to date on how to find and identify good 1911 build kits, then we’ll show you some of our favorite 1911 build kit stealth arms from all over the world. These will each serve a different particular function or type of build, so there should be one of something for everyone in any stock 1911 build kit.

1. Ed Brown 1911 Rebuild Kits

​Ed Brown 1911 Rebuild KitThis kit is made to aid with stock repairs or complete a 1911 build that needs some finishing touches and precise screw pieces to be entirely complete. It’s a perfect accompaniment if you have a build that has all of the most major components already in place. Since it comes with all of the smaller stock pieces and pins you may need to take care of securing the more major pieces. 

This does mean that it’s not a complete kit or one you can use for most of the mainstream of a build. Its low price reflects the comparatively commonplace nature of all of its parts. The value is in having everything within your fingertips and in knowing that these small screws are the stock right ones for a 1911 build kit. 

It eradicates guesswork and provides great value for an excellent price. Because of the economic factor, you can possibly find the other stock parts of a build for correspondingly good prices and have an overall build that may be a lot cheaper than a store-bought 1911. 

Since all of these parts are really tiny, you should attempt to keep an eye on them and store them carefully, especially with the other portions of your 1911 build kit. This is a 1911 repair kit build kits that has some great minor parts stock, many of which are hard to look for in machine shops and garages across America. If you have most of the parts for your 1911 build kit but the 1911 kits are only missing a few key tools, then consider this kit, which is most likely to have everything you require and a few 1911 kits extras in case repairs are essential in a build kit.

2. Wolff Colt 1911 Service Pak

Wolff Colt 1911 Service Pak


Here we have a service pack that’s another great option stock if you’re repairing or refurbishing a 1911 Colt build kit. Or if you are putting together your own model but lack the precise set of 1911 build kit springs needed to make everything function together. These springs are completed for this type of gun, through and through, so you’ll be better off using these pieces precisely rather than trying to size the right kind from other, pre-existing springs. 

The performance will be a lot superior, and you can get this stock pack for a grand price that makes it well worth your time kits 1911. The biggest drawback is, again, the fact that this kit doesn’t have all the tools for an entire or even the majority of a 1911 build. Instead, you’ll need to combine this best 1911 AR 15 build kit with another build kit or a few different tools from several others to make a whole best 1911 kits AR 15 from scratch. 

Thankfully, since it’s so inexpensive, this best AR 15 custom 1911 best build kit shouldn’t be much of an issue. We recommend reading the frame stock parts lists of other kits and seeing which ones miss these springs, then combine the two into one purchase if it ends up being less expensive than any other of the whole kits or a store-bought 1911. In general, this will be a more affordable choice. 

This inexpensive frame stock kit is a great option if your complete 1911 is in fighting shape except for a few small pieces that needs replacing. Getting this stealth arms 1911 build kit is a far better option than having to buy or build an entirely new pistol!


3. Nighthawk Custom 1911 Government Match Grade Parts Kit

​Nighthawk Custom 1911 Government Match Grade Parts Kit


Now, this is a completed kit! With this frame stock acquisition, you’ll find everything you can ever need to make your own, custom 1911. It has springs, screws, slider, barrel, and all the other major pieces needed for a working firearm. All you need is the frame of your choice and you can start right away. 

Included with it are detailed instructions, although you can find a plethora of similar assets on the internet. All of the pieces in the kit are made from stainless steel of the best quality. This is a hypoallergenic material that anyone can use safely, even without gloves. It’s corrosion-resistant too, and each piece has been machined carefully for a great fit and finish. 

The steel sights are blued to prevent glower during the packaging and installation process and the slide has grooves to make installing and testing its functionality easy and simple. The entire kit is so well-made that it does cost quite a sum of money to buy, but we feel that the excellent craftsmanship really makes the kit worthy. If you want the complete 1911 kit experience, then you should go with the Nighthawk. 

This full kit has everything else but a frame. You can basically build a 1911 from scratch with everything included, and it’s all made with high-end stainless steel. The customization level is off the tables. It’s expensive but is well worth the price and effort.



4. Sig Sauer Build Parts Kits 1911

​Sig Sauer Parts Kit 1911


This is another build parts kit that’ll fit really well on your existing Sig Sauer model or if you’re trying to compete with a similar firearm. The springs and pieces involved are made from very high-quality materials and the springs, in particular, are shaped and cut with fineness and precision. This will allow the various pieces to be installed easily and for a long lifetime of high performance. 

Critically, this kit has a handy extractor pin for removing screws or pins for when you need to make adjustments or if you have to backtrack in your build at any point of construction. We really like this extra bit of functionality and versatility. 

The pieces are all very affordable and within budget range, but they are not a full kit. That means this relies on you having some, or most of the other parts kits already combined or purchased. We once again recommend that you check the parts lists of other kits and try some combination acquisitions for the deal with the most economic value. 

Here’s a great budget repair kit that has some excellent, ambiguous pieces that are ideal for repairing Sig Sauer and other 1911 models. Some of the springs are hard to find in particular and are made really well in this replacement build kit. For the asking price, you can’t find a more reasonable way to fix or finish a 1911 build.


5. Brownells 1911 Government Model Frame

​Brownells 1911 Government Model Frame


This axles away from smaller parts and is instead the complete frame you need for any custom 1911 pistol. It has been weighted to be ready for a 10mm chamber, if that’s the kind of firearm you are looking for, and no matter what your choice you’ll find that the frame has been precision-machined to a faultless size and scale. This kind of craftsmanship is hard to dependably find. It looks very similar to the government-style pistols many of us would like to emulate. 

The frame is made from carbon steel or corrosion-resistant stainless steel: it’s pretty much your choice. The frame rails are also a little bit oversized to let you custom-fit the slide. It also makes sure that it slides back and forth with all the buttery smoothness you wish to have. Some good gunsmithing skills are going to be needed to finish a build, but the results will be more than worth the effort. 

The price is a bit on the high side, but joining this frame with a good parts kit is quite likely to result in the dream 1911 pistol. Add to that the level of customization you can bring to stand on the frame and you’ve got a product with far-fetched value. If you’re looking for a custom frame for your 1911, we highly commend you consider this Brownells 1911 model. 

This frame is made to cup tie the government-style 1911 that we’re all affectionate of. You can choose between 2 types of metal and custom-fit your slider on its king-size rails. It’s expensive, but an implausible deal when you consider the kinds of fantastic 1911 pistol one can make on its frame. 




With all of this in mind, you should be prepared to put your personal 1911 together and start having fun. Remember to build your weapon prudently and with special attention. Doing so will mean you’ll be rewarded with a firearm that will last you for many decades to come and that won’t ever let you down. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How to build a 1911 build kit? 

Let’s go through the basic outline for building a 1911 best build kit or kits. First off, make sure you start with an inventory of all the parts in your build kit. You will want to make sure that you have everything you need before you get deep into the build kit.

After that, you’ll start by attaching the slide to the frame. This will set the foundation for the other parts of the firearm, especially the barrel, which is next on the list. The barrel is important. Make sure that you install this part of the gun carefully and with accuracy since it’s the centrality of the weapon and radically affects every aspect of a 1911’s performance. 

After the barrel comes the beaver tail fit, which makes the gun look iconic. The beaver tail fit helps you get an idea of the way the weapon will feel as it’s absorbed in its final phase. Triggers and other smaller parts all following the beaver tail fit items. In this order, you’ll slowly see the final best 1911 build kit or build kits come into fruition.

What Is The Best 1911 Complete Build Kits?

The best 1911 complete build kits goes to Nighthawk Custom 1911 Government Match Grade Parts Kit for the reliability, durability and accessibility. This is very comprehensive as it comes with springs, screws, slider, barrel, and all the other necessary components. This is extreme effortless and convenient but you’d have to decide on the frame materials as discussed above. Besides that, gun owner can refer to the detail instructions given if feeling clueless. The possible downside is that there’s less room for customization as all the individual components are mostly given, which are excellent for avid gun owner rather than experienced ones.

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