The Best .224 Valkyrie Barrels (2020) – An Overview

Looking for the best .224 Valkyrie barrel for your rifle? Great news! You’ve come to the right place. We have shortlisted and reviewed the top barrel you can get for your Valkyrie rifle in this article.

Getting a good quality barrel for your rifle to fire off .224 Valkyrie cartridges may take some time, but we are confident that you can easily get one provided you know exactly what you’re looking for.

It is without a doubt that the .224 Valkyrie rifle is one of the best long-range performers you can find on the market. In fact, it is easily considered to be one of the more formidable challengers against long-range threats like the 6.5 Creedmoor.

Barrel Length and Barrel Twist 101

Before we jump straight into the top barrels available, let’s discuss a little on the barrel length and twist. Generally, the longer the barrel, the faster the bullet’s velocity, which will ultimately mean better accuracy. However, you can still easily land a kill shot from a long-range if you installed a 20” barrel.

If you’re planning on getting a shorter barrel measured between 18 to 20 inches, odds are you’re getting a Valkyrie rifle for home defense or hunting purposes. If you’re a hunter, a shorter barrel may be ideal especially if you want to be as low profile as possible. Similarly, a longer barrel will be a good option if you’re using your barrel for long-range shooting competitions as they tend to be more accurate.

Another important factor to look at is the twist rate on your barrel. Some guns have markings on the side such as a number like 1/7. This represents the barrel twist of the rifle which is the distance in inches the bullet takes to complete one full revolution. A twist ratio of 1:7 means the bullet makes one revolution every seven inches.

Barrel twist is important for your rifle’s accuracy as having an adequate twist rate will ensure the rounds you fire off are stable and can hit the target with the speed and precision you want.

Factors in Picking Out a .224 Valkyrie Barrel

Grabbing the first barrel you see on the shelf or online is not the best thing to do. You may end up regretting your purchase if you bought a cheap quality barrel. It is crucial to conduct some research before making the final decision. To make it easier for you, here are a few aspects that you need to consider while looking for a barrel to go with your .224 Valkyrie rifle.

Barrel Length

The length of the barrel is one of the aspects you need to consider prior to your purchase. Most are set at a length of 18 to 20 inches. Generally, the longer your rifle’s barrel is, the greater the bullet velocity it is going to be. If you’re taking your .224 Valkyrie rifle for precision shooting and hunting at long distances, then it is preferable for you to go with a barrel length of at least 20 inches long. However, if you’re using your rifle for hunting in the brush or thick woods, then an 18-inch barrel will do just well.

With that being said, a barrel length of at least 20 inches will let you truly utilize the potential of the .224 round. In fact, if you’re going to be using your rifle for long-range precision shooting, you may even want to opt for an even longer barrel length.

Most popular barrels are measured at 24 inches but it does not mean shorter barrels are not good. It all mainly depends on your intent and purpose for getting the .224 Valkyrie rifle.

Twist Rate

If you place a large emphasis on accuracy, then you should find a barrel with a good twist ratio. However, you should also remember that the weight of the bullet will factor into which twist rate is most appropriate for you.

A general rule of thumb that you can follow is that the heavier your bullets are, the less barrel twist you want to get. An average .224 Valkyrie round will weigh approximately 63 grains and a good twist rate ratio for that bullet will be at 1:7.


Obviously, the more durable your rifle barrel is, the more abuse it can sustain. While this does not mean that you should go about testing your barrel’s durability as much as possible, it is better to get a high-quality one that can last you longer instead of one that will break down after a few rounds of shots.

A more expensive rifle barrel made out of stainless steel or aircraft-grade aluminum is always preferable over cheaper barrels made at the expense of its material. It is also important to get a one that comes with rust and corrosion resistant finishing to last you through all kinds of weather.

Moisture is a common physical enemy to your rifle as it can corrode the metal and break down your barrel. While you should always clean your rifle after using it in the rain or snow, it’s also good to get one with a special finishing applied to the surface that can resist natural rust and corrosion.


It is obvious that you should find a rifle barrel that won’t take too much effort and time to install onto your Valkyrie rifle. This means getting an easy-to-install product that won’t require any gunsmithing skill or one that needs you to enlist the services of a professional gunsmith.

Most rifle barrels on the market are easy to install but it may take some adjusting to ensure a perfect fit. Whatever the case, you can always rely on a professional blacksmith to install the barrel for you if you’re intimidated by the process.

Top .224 Valkyrie Barrels – Comprehensive Buying Guide

We have done the hard work for you and have searched the internet to shortlist some of the few top barrels you can pair with your .224 Valkyrie rifle. As you go through each review, do make it a point to note down each unique feature that sticks out to you so you can better identify which barrel is most suited for your application.

1. Brownells – AR-15 Barrels .224 Valkyrie Stainless Steel

Best Overall

The very first barrel on our list today is the Brownells AR-15 Barrels .224 Valkyrie Stainless Steel. If you have ever gotten something off from Brownells, then you certainly know their amazing customer service team will help you out with any inquiries. In fact, Brownells will even send replacements if you find any missing parts or accessories in your purchase.

The Brownells AR-15 Barrels .224 Valkyrie Stainless Steel barrel can easily accept heavy loads such as the .224 Valkyrie and is even capable of shooting sub-MOA even after prolonged usage. The medium contour design of the barrel offers just the right combination of weight and performance while the threaded muzzle allows shooters to add compensation and suppression devices to their rifle.

Other than that, the barrels even come with a twist ratio of 1:7, which is perfect to handle Valkyrie rounds that weight 55-grain or more. However, it is worthwhile to note that heavier ammo will likely work better with barrels such as the Brownells AR-15 Barrels .224 Valkyrie Stainless Steel than lighter rounds.

As per the name suggests, the Brownells AR-15 Barrels .224 Valkyrie Stainless Steel is made from stainless steel to guarantee overall toughness to handle all the high-pressure rounds your rifle will be firing off. This easy to clean and tough as nails barrel has so much to offer that it is definitely worth a deeper look.

Customer Feedback

Many customers have commented on how great the Brownells AR-15 Barrels .224 Valkyrie Stainless Steel is in terms of aesthetics, accuracy, and even in price. The barrel accepts a wide range of loads on top of being able to perform perfectly well under various shooting conditions. The barrel is also pretty lightweight so as to not add too much weight to your rifle.


The Brownells AR-15 Barrels .224 Valkyrie Stainless Steel is a quality 18-inch barrel that is also inexpensive. With a 1:7 twist rate, the barrel successfully delivers unmatched accuracy, especially when combined with the ballistics of the .224 Valkyrie. You can have no doubts that this barrel will have no problems in handling heavier rounds to support you through your hunting trip.


  • Super accurate
  • Can accept heavy .224 Valkyrie rounds
  • Can shoot sub MOA with many rounds


  • Some have complained about out of spec issues
  • Some complaints on no dimple for gas block index

2. BFS 20” .224 Valkyrie 1:7 Twist

Best for Value

BFS’s 20-inch length barrel is ideal for a .224 Valkyrie rifle used for general purposes. The barrel is even jacketed in carbon fiber in either blue or black finishing. This lightweight carbon wrap optimizes the weight factor and even adds on to the overall aesthetics of the rifle.

With a 1:7 twist, the BFS 20” barrel is perfect for shooting heavy rounds such as the .224 Valkyrie accurately. The barrel even makes for excellent heat dissipation as you fire off shots. No matter what you plan to use it for, you can count on this reliable barrel to work wonders with your rifle. If you need a barrel that won’t drain your bank account, then you definitely want to take a closer look at the BFS 20” .224 Valkyrie 1:7 Twist.

As the name suggests, the BFS 20” .224 Valkyrie 1:7 Twist is perfect for all uses of a .224 Valkyrie, with the ideal application for competitions. The 20 inches length is perfect long-range shooting, making it very useful for hunters trying to land a kill shot from a distance. The reduced weight of the barrel even works to reduce any fatigue while carrying the rifle all day.

Customer Feedback

Many customers have found that the BFS 20” .224 Valkyrie 1:7 Twist performs exceptionally well in terms of accuracy with an amazing reduction in weight. The metal and carbon fiber wrapped around it are of exceptional quality as well. On top of that, customers have commended that the barrel runs clean and is able to maintain its accuracy despite being pushed hard. Lastly, many also appreciate the unique aesthetics of the barrel.


The lightweight and accurate BFS 20” .224 Valkyrie 1:7 Twist is a good choice for .224 Valkyrie rifles. This reliable barrel does not compromise on durability and is the perfect partner for long-range shooting or competitions. This .224 Valkyrie barrel is an epitome of precision and design for the ultimate shooting experience.

The BFS 20” .224 Valkyrie 1:7 Twist is even made with durable materials to make it tough as nails. You can count on this barrel to last you through years of usage provided you take good care of it. The BFS 20” .224 Valkyrie 1:7 Twist is a good choice if you want to upgrade your rifle’s accuracy without breaking your bank.


  • Easy to install
  • Great for almost any purpose
  • Best .225 Valkyrie rifle for the money
  • Unique aesthetics


  • None

3. Faxon Firearms Heavy Fluted Profile Barrel

Best 6.5 Twist Barrel

The Faxon Firearms Heavy Fluted Profile Barrel is a barrel twist of 1:6.5, meaning the bullet will take six and a half inches to make one full revolution. This heavy, fluted profile barrel is measured at 20 inches long.

The Faxon Firearms Heavy Fluted Profile Barrel features a heavy profile to deliver outstanding accuracy regardless of the rate of fire or climatic conditions you’re in. With a twist rate of 1:6.5, this barrel is slightly better than handling heavy loads compared to other barrels. The salt bath nitride finish on it even makes the barrel more resistant to damage while the fluting helps to reduce its overall weight.

The Faxon Firearms Heavy Fluted Profile Barrel is an ideal choice to take with you for a day out in the field or on the range as you can expect a great deal of accuracy with this installed onto your rifle. This is absolutely perfect if you want to land a kill shot on a big game or when the competition is on the line in a long-range shooting contest.

Regardless of what you plan to do with your .224 Valkyrie rifle, you simply cannot miss out on the Faxon Firearms Heavy Fluted Profile Barrel if accuracy is what you want. If you need a slightly smaller barrel twist, then this heavy fluted barrel is perfect for you.

The Faxon Firearms Heavy Fluted Profile Barrel is good for precision shooters, especially in a competition or during hunting. With a 1:6.5 twist rate, this barrel can handle heavy loads such as at .224 Valkyrie to hunt big games such as a deer or a hog. All-in-all, this barrel is perfect for all purposes with a .224 Valkyrie rifle and is not limited to any specific applications.

Customer Feedback

Most customers have commented on how impressed they are with the impeccable finishing and the fluting precision of the Faxon Firearms Heavy Fluted Profile Barrel. The heavy profile is also appreciated as it helps to maintain the barrel’s accuracy regardless of the environmental conditions. Another thing that impressed customers is Faxon Firearm’s fair price and prompt customer support.


The Faxon Firearms Heavy Fluted Profile Barrel is a great choice if you prefer to have a barrel twist of slightly lesser than the typical 1:7. This barrel is even good for handling heavier Valkyrie rounds.

Featuring a good finish and fluted for significant weight reduction, this heavy fluted profile barrel is easily one of the best budget options in its class. With a lower twist rate, the Faxon Firearms Heavy Fluted Profile Barrel is ideal for heavy .224 Valkyrie loads.


  • Easy to install
  • Great for Most Purposes
  • More accurate than some 1:7 twist barrels


  • None

4. CMMG, Inc 24-inch Sub-Assembly 

Best 24-inch Barrel

Next on our list is the CMMG, Inc 24-inch Sub-Assembly Barrel. This barrel has a length of 24 inches and is currently one of the best for the Valkyrie rifle. With a twist rate of 1:7, the barrel helps you take the .224 Valkyrie ammunition to its maximum potential by delivering superior long-range accuracy.

The 1:7 twist rate lets you use this barrel with pretty much any Valkyrie cartridge and is even designed to hit your targets with pinpoint accuracy. You even have the option to install a muzzle device on your CMMG, Inc 24-inch Sub-Assembly Barrel.

This 24-inch barrel is specially designed to deliver a high-energy performance with better precision and accuracy for each shot you take. Other than that, the CMMG, Inc 24-inch Sub-Assembly Barrel is even made with durable materials to take on every round you fire without breaking a sweat.

The CMMG, Inc 24-inch Sub-Assembly Barrel is even stained in a black finish to give your Valkyrie rifle a sleek, modern look. So, if you’re after a barrel that will improve your rifle’s overall aesthetics, then you simply cannot go wrong with this simple black finishing.

Made for a shooter who wants not only the best in accuracy, but also in velocity, the CMMG, Inc 24-inch Sub-Assembly Barrel is one of the best you can take along with you on your next shooting adventure.

The CMMG, Inc 24-inch Sub-Assembly Barrel is actually designed to accommodate long-range shooters or snipers. The barrel is good to be used during competitions and target practice. Thanks to its long barrel and heavy profile, it may not be suitable to take along for hunting or defense purposes.

Customer Feedback

Almost every customer has reported back with how impressed they were at their CMMG, Inc 24-inch Sub-Assembly Barrel. The barrel not only delivers accurate shots from over 1,000 yards away to hit sub MOA groups, it even works amazingly well with the Federal Premium 90 grain load.

However, customers have also noticed that the 24-inch barrel works better with high-quality ammo and not with cheaper ones. Another great thing about getting this barrel is the great customer support service by CMMG.


If you need a barrel that is longer than the typical 18 to 20-inch length, then you’ll most likely like the CMMG, Inc 24-inch Sub-Assembly Barrel. Despite being a little heavier than the rest, it offers much more benefits with its longer barrel to outperform the others.

The CMMG, Inc 24-inch Sub-Assembly Barrel lets you reach the .224 Valkyrie round’s potential at maximum range. The good finishing and sturdy built of the barrel even work perfectly to accommodate high-quality heavy grain ammunition. It is without a doubt that the 24-inch barrel is a perfect choice for marksmen in competition or practice.


  • Easy to install
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Helps Valkyrie Rifles be more accurate


  • May be too heavy for some

5. PSA 18” Rifle-Length 1/7 Stainless Steel Barrel

Lastly, we will be taking a look at the PSA 18” Rifle-Length 1/7 Stainless Steel Barrel. This barrel measures at 18 inches long and like many others on our list, it also comes with a barrel twist ratio of 1:7. If you’re looking for a low-profile barrel to make your Valkyrie rifle a long-range force to be reckoned with, then the PSA 18” Rifle-Length 1/7 Stainless Steel Barrel is perfect for you.

On top of that, this rifle barrel features a rifle length gas system and is even easy to clean. Made from sturdy materials, this durable barrel can be trusted to handle all the pressure from firing successive rounds for long durations.

At 18 inches long, the PSA 18” Rifle-Length 1/7 Stainless Steel Barrel will fit into almost any rifle-length gas system and any rifles capable of firing Valkyrie cartridges. So, if you’re looking for a good barrel at a length that is suitable for hunting and home defense, you cannot go wrong with the PSA 18” Rifle-Length 1/7 Stainless Steel Barrel.

The PSA 18” Rifle-Length 1/7 Stainless Steel Barrel is perfect for those looking to get a more generalized solution to meet their shooting needs. This barrel is good for shooting practice, hunting, and even for home defense should the time comes. At a fair price point, this low maintenance barrel features a simple design to make it a perfect choice for .224 Valkyrie users.

Customer Feedback

The quality and aesthetics of the PSA 18” Rifle-Length 1/7 Stainless Steel Barrel is well appreciated by customers. This 18-inch barrel even features a rifle length gas system and a stainless-steel finish for enhanced durability. Aside from that, customers were also able to get prompt replies from customer service when they needed help.


PSA has a well-established reputation for manufacturing high-quality products, and the PSA 18” Rifle-Length 1/7 Stainless Steel Barrel certainly does not fall short of that expectation. Other than delivering optimal performance to help you get the most out of your .224 Valkyrie, the barrel comes at a reasonable price that does not hurt your pocket.

At 18 inches long, the barrel does not stick out like a sore thumb, making it perfect for those relying on vegetation for cover during a hunt. If you’re looking for an ideal barrel that can deliver excellent overall performance for all kinds of purposes, then the PSA 18” Rifle-Length 1/7 Stainless Steel Barrel might just be your best choice.


  • Very durable
  • Fits great on most rifles
  • A suitable length for low-profile hunting or home defense


  • None


Finding the best .224 Valkyrie barrels may take some time and patience. But once you’ve found the perfect one for you, you’ll definitely be excited to give it a whirl the next time you’re out at target practice or hunting. However, before you make that final decision, be sure to get a good idea of its features and what others are saying about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is .224 Valkyrie good for deer hunting?

Yes, the .224 Valkyrie is a good choice for deer hunting as it can handle heavy grain bullets effectively. The .224 Valkyrie is renowned for maintaining bullet velocity for long distances to help you deliver a good punch to the game upon impact.

How fast is a .224 Valkyrie?

The .224 Valkyrie has a muzzle velocity of approximately 2,700 fps and is even rated at a top speed of about 1,758 fps. The best part about it is that the bullet stays supersonic past 1,300 yards while other calibers start tailing at 600 – 700 yards.

What is the best barrel length for .224 Valkyrie?

The best length for .224 Valkyrie depends on your application. If you’re using it for hunting in thick woods and home defense, a shorter barrel of 18 inches is good enough. But if you’re using your rifle for long-range precision shooting, then you may want to opt for a barrel length of between 20 to 24 inches.

What Is the difference between .223 and .224 Valkyrie?

The .224 Valkyrie uses a .224 inch diameter bullet like the .223, but with a different length and rim diameter. On top of that, a 223 (62gr) bullet has a muzzle velocity of 2,720 fps while a 224 Valkyrie (60gr) has a muzzle velocity of 3,300 fps that can maintain its supersonic speed beyond 1,300 yards.

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