Best Uppers for .224 Valkyrie You Can Get in 2020

If you’re on the lookout for a .224 Valkyrie upper, then good news! We have decided to provide you with a list of the top best uppers you can get for your .224 Valkyrie rifle to help you save time and money. But first, let’s dive in to learn a little more about an upper receiver.

Components of an Upper Receiver

Here are a few vital components of an upper receiver:


The upper receiver would basically be useless without a barrel. Aside from that, barrels are designed to give you the best in overall accuracy depending on its length and twist ratio. A Valkyrie rifle is an impressive firearm for long-range shooting and getting a suitable barrel is critical for the rifle to work well.

Gas System

An AR-style rifle will rely on gas to propel your .224 Valkyrie rounds, so the upper should contain a gas system. A gas system is made up of a gas block and a gas tube with four different lengths: pistol, carbine, mid, and rifle-length gas systems.

Bolt Carrier Group

BCG include parts like the firing pin, cam pin, extractor, and the gas key. This is best used to help you reload your AR-style rifle and it works to ensure your rounds are fired and ejected correctly.

Charging Handle

This handle is connected to your BCG and it is designed to pull it to the rear of your rifle so you can place a round in the chamber. In the event of a possible malfunction, you can also pull the charging handle to remove the bad round and replace it with a new and functional one.

Forward Assist

This part is usually added onto your upper as a cosmetic addition with not much function to most AR-style rifles. But if used correctly, it does help to make sure the bolt function works properly.

Rail System and Handguard

After an extended usage, the barrel of your gun can get pretty hot quickly. The rail system and handguard will ensure that you don’t accidentally touch the hot barrel or other parts of the gun to keep you from getting burned.

Ejection Port Cover

This part of the upper receiver is designed to ensure that your rifle works properly. Other than that, it even comes in quite handy to help you keep your rifle as clean as possible by preventing all kinds of dirt, dust, and debris from entering your rifle.

Factors of a Great .224 Valkyrie Upper

Below are a few important factors to consider when picking out a good upper for your Valkyrie rifle.


The first question that you need to ask is what is included in the Valkyrie upper. Most uppers include parts like the BCG, barrel, gas system, and rail system while some may only include minimal parts. In this case, you will then have to purchase the other pieces separately.


If you’re planning to install your new upper receiver into your rifle, then it’s important to find one that is easy to install or look for accessories with the drop-in installation. In other words, you won’t need to rely on professional gunsmithing skills just to install your upper.

Barrel Twist

As mentioned above, barrels are an important part of the upper receiver. If you’re looking to make your .224 Valkyrie rifle to be as accurate as it can be, then it is important to have a look at the barrel twist. Barrel twists of 1:6.5 to 1:8 will be suitable for .224 Valkyrie rifles that can also work with .300 Blackout rounds that weigh anywhere between 55 to 80-grain.

Best .224 Valkyrie Uppers

Below is a list of the top .224 Valkyrie upper receivers that you can get off the market. Whether you’re getting one to replace your current upper receiver or looking for a new addition to your rifle building project, you’ll definitely be able to find a suitable option after some careful consideration.

PSA 20” Rifle-Length 1/6.5” Stainless Steel 15” M-Lok Upper

Best Overall

First on our list is the 20” Rifle-Length 1/6.5” Stainless Steel 15” M-Lok Upper from PSA. This 20-inch upper receiver even comes with a 15-inch M-Lok for you to attach additional accessories to your rifle, such as an optic scope.

At 20 inches long, this barrel is specially designed to give your Valkyrie rifle a superior level of accuracy and precision to help you land a kill shot during hunting or long-range target shooting. Similarly, you can also use this for other applications such as self-defense or competitive shooting.

Regardless of what you plan on using your Valkyrie rifle for, it is always best to have a reliable upper receiver to ensure the best performance. If you hold the accuracy and high performance to a high standard, then the PSA 20” Rifle-Length 1/6.5” Stainless Steel 15” M-Lok Upper may be the best one for you.

This upper receiver is even designed to work with rifle-length gas systems. So, do be sure to double-check which gas system your rifle currently has before purchasing an upper to complement it. You don’t want to get an upper that doesn’t fit your rifle.


The PSA 20” Rifle-Length 1/6.5” Stainless Steel 15” M-Lok Upper deserves to be at the top of our list for many good reasons. This impressive upper receiver was made to give your Valkyrie rifle a major upgrade to help you hit a target exactly where you want it. If you’re looking for something to turn your rifle into a sharpshooter, then the PSA 20” Rifle-Length 1/6.5” Stainless Steel 15” M-Lok Upper may just be the one for you.


  • Excellent quality upper
  • Functions flawlessly after 150 rounds fired


  • None

Radical Firearms Rf Complete Upper 15MHR 22”

Runner Up

Next, we have the Radical Firearms Rf Complete Upper 15MHR 22”. This is a good option if you’re looking for an alternative to the PSA. With a 22-inch barrel, this upper receiver is best suited for hunting and target practice purposes. The 1:7 barrel twist even means you’ll be more apt to get a good accurate shot out of your rifle.

Another great thing about the Radical Firearms Rf Complete Upper 15MHR 22” is the inclusion of a pepper pot muzzle brake that works to reduce as much recoil as possible and to prevent a great deal of muzzle jump. Either way, reduced recoil and muzzle jump will mean you get better control of your rifle for more accurate shots.

Also added to this receiver is an M-Lok rail that lets you attach any additional accessories you wish to use on your rifle. If you have some Valkyrie rifle accessories laying around, then you’ll most likely what to put them to good use. What better way to attach them to your rifle than with the help of an M-Lok rail?


If you want a great upper receiver that is super handy for accessories on top of giving you the best accuracy possible, then the Radical Firearms Rf Complete Upper 15MHR 22” is worth looking into.

Whether you’re planning to buy this as a replacement piece or as an addition to your rifle, you can count on this product to get the job done. Accurate, reliable, and durable, this Radical Firearm option is easily one of the best upper receivers you can get off the market.


  • Muzzle brake blends into the barrel nicely and works as advertised
  • Works for all purposes, especially target practice and competitive shooting


  • May be difficult to install

Aero Precision M4E1 Threaded Upper

Best for Value

If you’re shopping with a budget, then the Aero Precision M4E1 Threaded Upper may be just the one you’re looking for. Aero Precision provides you with the best quality accessories without having to break your bank and this upper is no different.

With a barrel that is long enough to suit almost any type of purpose you can think of, this easy to install upper will easily complement the rest of your Valkyrie rifle. Whether you’re taking your rifle out for hunting, self-defense, or target hunting, you can count on this upper receiver to ensure you have a pleasant shooting experience.

Included with the Aero Precision M4E1 Threaded Upper is your choice of either an M-Lok or a KeyMod rail, depending on your own personal preference. Nevertheless, this upper is designed to give you a decent upgrade to your shots by ensuring they accurate shots, no matter how far your target is.

Whether your target is at 200 yards out or more than 500 yards away, you can count on the Aero Precision M4E1 Threaded Upper to help you hit your shot at pinpoint accuracy. So, if you are looking for a great upgrade to your Valkyrie rifle without having to break the bank, then the Aero Precision M4E1 Threaded Upper is the best possible choice for you.


For an affordable upper receiver, we cannot deny how impressed we are at the overall features and abilities of the Aero Precision M4E1 Threaded Upper. This just goes to prove that quality accessories don’t always have to mean expensive prices.

Another great thing about the Aero Precision M4E1 Threaded Upper is the ability to choose between an M-Lok or KeyMod rail for you to attach rifle accessories. Despite the lower price, the Aero Precision M4E1 Threaded Upper is a quality upper receiver that is worth taking a closer look.


  • Very accurate
  • No wiggle room once installed
  • Affordable price


  • None

Radical Firearms 22” Complete Upper Assembly

Best Complete Upper

If you’re looking for a complete upper that has everything you need to be included, then the Radical Firearms 22” Complete Upper Assembly is just for you. This upper assembly comes with a 22-inch barrel with a barrel twist ratio of 1:7 to give you an excellent amount of accuracy no matter how far your target is.

With an upper receiver as good as this, you can expect your rifle to deliver unmatched accuracy and velocity to help you land your kill shot. Also included in the Radical Firearms 22” Complete Upper Assembly is a carbine-length gas system with a low-profile micro gas block. The upper receiver even comes with a muzzle brake to help you reduce recoil and muzzle jump for better control over your rifle.

Other parts of the Radical Firearms 22” Complete Upper Assembly includes a forward assist, shell deflector, and an M-Lok rail to not only protect your hands from the hot barrel but designed to let you attach additional accessories that you may have. If you’re on the hunt for a total package in an upper receiver, then you need not look further than the Radical Firearms 22” Complete Upper Assembly.


The Radical Firearms 22” Complete Upper Assembly is a perfect example of what a complete upper receiver should look like. With a 22-inch barrel, muzzle brake, carbine-length gas system, forward assist, shell deflector, and an M-Lok rail, there is really nothing more you can want from an upper receiver.

This complete upper assembly package is the best thing to get if you’re not a fan of buying each and every part separately. The Radical Firearms 22” Complete Upper Assembly helps you save money and even time in building your perfect Valkyrie rifle.


  • Very accurate
  • Solid construction
  • Affordable price


  • May require some slight adjustments

Cmmg, Inc Cmmg Upper Receiver MK4 DTR

Best CMMG Upper

Last on our list is the Inc Cmmg Upper Receiver MK4 DTR. This CMMG upper comes with a 22-inch stainless steel barrel that has a twist ratio of 1:7 – which is the ideal for .224 Valkyrie rounds. Other than that, the upper also comes with a pepper pot muzzle brake to reduce recoil and muzzle jump to provide shooters with more control over their rifles.

Just with the above few features you already know that the barrel of this upper receiver is more than enough to tempt any shooter to buy it. This is mainly because not only can you expect the superb accuracy out of each of your shots, you also don’t have to deal with too much recoil and muzzle jump in the process. So, if you hold a high emphasis on accuracy and reduced recoil for your Valkyrie rifle, then you simply cannot go wrong with this Cmmg Upper Receiver.

On top of all those, the upper receiver even includes a complete bolt carrier assembly that is specially designed to make sure your Valkyrie rifle is functioning properly all the time. You also get a low-profile micro gas block, shell deflector, and forward assist to make this a complete assembly. With everything you’ll ever need in one package, you get to save plenty of time and money as you don’t have to search and purchase each part separately.


Once again, we have included a complete package upper receiver on our list. You get an upper receiver plus more with the Inc Cmmg Upper Receiver MK4 DTR. This is a great choice if you plan on saving time by getting all the parts of an upper receiver in one go. Financially, this might even be a great option for you as it’s cheaper to get them all in one package than to have each part shipper individually.

To save yourself time, money, and possible headache related to tracking down all the parts you’ve bought to go with your upper receiver, this complete package gets you all you need in one place that is also much easier to install onto your rifle. You’d be better off firing your rifle at the range than spending too much time searching for a suitable gas system or a barrel that will suit your upper receiver.


  • Very easy to install if you’re experienced
  • Very accurate shooting
  • Reduced recoil and muzzle jump
  • Complete package with all the parts you need


  • Installation may be challenging for some


Finding the best .224 Valkyrie upper receiver may be a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be! The search process can actually be much easier, especially if you know exactly what you’re looking for. Make sure you find an upper that best fit your rifle and is compatible with the other parts you might already have, such as the gas-length system.

While on the hunt for a good upper receiver, be sure to do your due diligence and check what others may be saying about the accessory to determine whether it’s a worthwhile investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best barrel length for .224 Valkyrie?

The best length for .224 Valkyrie really depends on what you’re using the rifle for. If you’re using it for hunting in thick woods and home defense, a shorter barrel of 18 inches is good enough. But if you’re using your rifle for long-range precision shooting purposes, then you may want to get a barrel that is between 20 to 24 inches long.

Is .224 Valkyrie good for deer hunting?

Yes, the .224 Valkyrie is a good firearm option for deer hunting as it can handle heavy grain bullets effectively. The .224 Valkyrie is renowned for maintaining bullet velocity for long distances to help you deliver a good punch to the game upon impact.

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