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Equip Gun Lovers With The Knowledge They Need

In order to accomplish our vision, our mission is simply educating and empowering this community that share the same love for firearms. This web blog contains helpful information and review articles about all the accessories and parts anyone who'd want to get a better understanding at.

We are dedicated to achieve this through the publication of informative articles with tips and tricks directly via FirearmsHub.com and all our relevant social platforms.

Here's some ideas on what to expect here:

  • Various tips on picking the right piece for yourself and possible mistakes to avoid.
  • Honest and unbiased reviews on gun-related items that are carefully researched.
  • Many, many more great stuff.

Michael Nelson

Founder & Editor

First and foremost, allow me to thank you for popping by this section to learn more about what Peak Firearms is really all about. It is absolutely amazing that you have spent this precious time on doing so.

Background Story

Previously, Peak Firearms is a licensed firearm dealer based in Tooele, Utah. We are highly committed towards serving our customers with the best possible product and service. After the coronavirus incident, it became a burden for us to continue selling firearm products as in-store sales declined rapidly.

As we are still extremely dedicated towards contributing to the firearms industry, we partnered with reputable firearm retailers such as Brownells, Optic Planets, etc. We currently sell all our products via our partners distribution channel, mainly through their official websites. 

To make it clear, we are not going out of business. This is a strategic move to allow us to continue serving you.

Right now, while we no longer offer firearm sales on Peak Firearms, we strive to provide buying guides for all major firearms – helpful guide in helping you purchase firearms and their relative accessories.

Also, we have a support team available  24/7  that provides advise and guidance on firearms related issues. You can reach them via email or the contact page.

My Ambition

I have always enjoyed reading up on gun for as long as I can remember.

During one casual conversation I had with my teammate, we realized that our years in the military are indeed a great privilege as we get to experience the process first hand, although we agree a research on the piece itself can be helpful, especially for a complete beginner.

I went on searching for the details I need the other night, and I find very little reliable online sources. This got me thinking, how someone starts the search if he is unsure with what he is looking for. It is safe to assume that many others will be put off by the scattered, disorganized presentation of search results.

Subsequently, I have this idea to make a one-stop online resource where you could learn everything about guns in an organized manner so that all the like-minded folks, from beginners to experts, could easily access all the information they need.

This is why Peak Firearms is born.

Ultimately, I am highly appreciative of your patronage on our web blog, and thanks for reading all these articles which took us hours of work to put them together for you. Feel free to contact me if you have any question. Cheers!