Top 9 Best Barrels for AR-15 (2020) – A Comprehensive Review

The AR-15 is a popular firearm that is capable of meeting the needs of casual and professional shooters alike. Since it was created in the 1950s, the AR-15 has been adopted by both military personnel and civilians thanks to its effectiveness and reliability.

Choosing the right barrel for your AR-15 is not something you should take lightly as it can have a direct impact on your shooting performance. For such a popular firearm, it is no surprise to find a vast number of AR-15 barrel manufacturers known around the world for their exceptional craftsmanship and ability to dramatically improve your shooting experience.

Luckily, we have taken the initiative to compile a list of the top AR-15 barrels you can find on the market now. However, before going straight into the top barrels, we will first discuss a few factors you need to consider when picking out a new AR-15 barrel.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an AR-15 Barrel

As you’re on the hunt for a new rifle part, you may want to pay very close attention to each manufacturer’s design process. This is important as every detail of the barrel – from the weight and wear resistance to the choice of material used in its manufacturing – will have a direct impact on your rifle’s performance

Depending on what you plan to use your rifle for, you’ll require a set of characteristics from your barrel to help you yield specific performance results. In any case, here are a few points that you’ll need to evaluate:

  • Twist rate
  • Profile or weight
  • Construction material
  • Chamber type

AR Barrel Twist Rate

One of the first detail you need to check when searching for the best AR-15 barrel is its twist rate. Twist rate is defined as the distance required for the bullet to make a full 360 degrees rotation. The grooves cut into the interior of the barrel are known as the barrel’s rifling and this is measured in terms of twist rate. This means that a twist rate of 1:10 causes a slower rotation 1:8 twist rate that requires less distance and thus rotates the bullet faster.

Since the AR-15 comes in a variety of caliber, it is therefore critical to understand how certain twist rates won’t offer the same effective stabilization for caliber rounds that are larger or longer. To determine the ideal twist rate for your personal usage, you can follow this general rule of thumb:

Twist Rate – 150 x (bullet diameter / bullet length to diameter ratio)

Depending on the specific ammunition you choose to use, you may want to find a barrel with a twist rate ranging from 1:10 to 1:7. Here are a few examples of ammunition weight grains vs. their optimum twist rate for better stability:

69 to 90 grain rounds = 1:7 to 1:8 twist rate

45 to 80 grain rounds = 1:9 to 1:10 twist rate

35 to 50 grain rounds = 1:12 to 1:14 twist rate

Barrel Profile or Weight

The profile of a barrel refers to the weight and shape of it and is commonly categorized as either lightweight, medium, or heavy.


Lightweight barrels are often referred to as pencil barrels. These are much easier to carry around, but they do not offer the same durability of a heavier profile.


Medium barrels are referred to as government profile and they are slightly heavier than a pencil barrel. These offer a steady balance of weight and durability.


Heavier barrels often come with the most durability as they offer the best resistance against shock and pressures of heat while firing.


There’s another type of barrel that carries a lightweight profile with a shoulder-less design. The Hanson profiled barrels offer a lightweight feel without the limitations you would commonly find in a lightweight barrel.

While most would prefer a medium-weight barrel since it offers a good balance between reliability and convenience, ultimately the barrel with the best profile purely depends on your preference, rate of firing, and firing conditions. As an example, pencil barrels are much lighter and convenient to transport around while heavier barrels are durable enough to handle the pressure of rapid-fire.

Barrel Materials

Believe it or not, the materials used to machine your AR-15 barrel has a big impact on its performance. Rifle barrels are typically made from three types of metal: cold hammer-forged, stainless steel, and chrome-lined, with each having their own unique benefits that have an influence on the lifespan of the piece.

Cold Hammer-Forged

As the name suggests, this relatively new way of rifling gun barrels involves the use of a hammer. A bored-out barrel blank is hammered inwards to reduce the diameter. Not only is the cold hammer forging much cheaper than the hot hammer method, but it also utilizes less complicated machinery.

The hammer forging method is not only limited to high-quality barrels, but it can also be used to make chambers, throats, and outer profiles if necessary. It creates an exceptional barrel with enhanced strength, greater grain structure, and an amazing finish that many shooters cannot resist.

Stainless Steel

This is a common material found in most firearm parts and it is used in dozens of applications due to its inherent properties. In the case of barrel manufacturing, this material favored as many manufacturers find that stainless steel is easy to work with and does not require an additional chrome lining to work well.

However, the stainless steel does offer limited protection from corrosion and it may even show signs of wear and tear from heavy usage of the firearm. Hence, while stainless steel barrels are known for their precision, they may not be the best option for those who desire rapid firepower.


Chrome-lining is commonly found in most AR-15s and it is also the standard for military-issued rifles as the chrome dramatically increases the barrel’s life. Not only does the chrome lining increase wear resistance due to its ability to withstand high pressure from the hot gases generated during rapid firing, it even acts as an extra layer of corrosion protection.

Another reason why chrome-lining is preferred by many is that their hard surface layer makes it very easy to clean. However, one downside to having a chrome-lined barrel is that there may be some impact on the accuracy of your shots due to the unevenness of the chrome.

Chamber Type

The AR-15 rifle can be used with different types of cartridges, and you’ll also need to make sure you get the right chamber size for different cartridges. Here are the top five most popular AR-15 cartridges:


The 5.56x45mm cartridge is easily one of the most popular rounds for any AR-15 platform. The 5.56 and AR-15 have been linked like peanut butter and jelly for decades in the world of firearms and it is not difficult to see why. As an intermediate round, the 5.56 cartridge offers significantly low recoil, quicker target acquisition, and versatile performance, fit for the military, law enforcement, and civilian use.

.223 Wylde

Created by Bill Wylde, the .223 Wylde barrels are built on the .223 chamber to allow shooters to safely fire .223 Remington or 5.56x45mm NATO ammo. While they are very similar, there is a difference between the 5.56 and .223 Wylde cartridges.

The .223 Saami chamber has a tighter configuration that does not allow the 5.56 NATO ammunition to be used while the .224 Wylde chamber is just between a .223 Sammi and a 5.56 round to allow the safe fire of both .223 and 5.56 rounds. Be careful not to attempt to fire the 5.56 round from a .223 Saami chamber as you may risk introducing an excessive amount of pressure on the chamber which could result in your firearm exploding.

300 Blackout

The 300 AAC Blackout round is a carbine cartridge and it was the United States’ response o the Soviet’s 7.62x39mm cartridge. The US wanted to also create a similar round that could work on the AR-15 platform and hence, the .300 AAC was built off the .223 case and into the .30 caliber arena.

6.5 Grendel

This is an intermediate cartridge that features a lower recoil compared to some other higher power cartridges used with the AR-15. While it is not as powerful, it does boast a high consistency and sought-after accuracy within an impressive range of 200 to 800 yards.


While the 9mm cartridge is more popular for use with handguns, the 9mm Luger has slowly started to gain traction within the AR-15 platform as it offers shooters a reliable and accurate close-range round with light recoil for quicker target reacquisition.

Best Barrels for AR-15: Our Top Selections

Now that we’ve gone through the basics of a rifle barrel, here are the top best AR-15 barrels you can get your hands on to enhance your shooting experience.

1. Criterion Barrels AR-15 Chrome Lined Barrel

Best Overall

While the Criterion Barrels AR-15 Chrome Lined Barrel is certainly not the most affordable on our list, it is designed to hit a very nice sweet spot between price and performance. For a little bit extra, this barrel offers a ton of amazing features that boosts its performance way above budget barrels.

First off, the Criterion Barrels AR-15 Chrome Lined Barrel is chambered in .223 Wylde to offer maximum performance for use with both the 5.56mm rounds and .223 Remington rounds. This means you can expect your barrel to provide you with the accuracy of match-grade .223 rounds with the high-pressure tolerance for a 5.56mm round.

Next, Criterion Barrels utilizes a hybrid barrel profile that is tapered under the handguard to significantly reduce the overall weight of the barrel. This is great for those who like to bring their rifle out for extended periods of shooting as you get to spend the day out without having to come back with a sore shoulder. While it’s relatively lighter in weight, it features a tapered design and standard barrel profile outside the handguard to ensure you get a better accuracy compared to a standard thin profiled barrel.

On one end of the Criterion Barrels AR-15 Chrome Lined Barrel, you’ll notice standard threading meant for you to install flash hiders, muzzle brakes, and other muzzle devices while the other end is equipped with M4 feed ramps. This is a smartly designed barrel as it offers a much smoother feeding and improved reliability.

As the name suggests, the Criterion Barrels AR-15 Chrome Lined Barrel features a chromed lining inside for maximum accuracy and barrel life. At 1:8 barrel twist rate, this barrel from Criterion offers a solid, all-round twist that offers good flight stability for most cartridges used with an AR-15. However, if you prefer to shoot with very light or very heavy bullets, you may want to opt for a more specific twist rate to give you better performance.

However, the Criterion Barrels AR-15 Chrome Lined Barrel does come with one downside that is worth mentioning – the barrel comes with a parkerized finish. While this is a decent finish that does well in resisting rust, it is not the most durable and is prone to sling and holster wear. Fortunately, with the help of a good handguard, you would not expect too much external wear to happen on your rifle barrel.

Overall, the Criterion Barrels AR-15 Chrome Lined Barrel is an excellent choice for almost any type of AR-15 rifle. Good price and exceptional performance mean you can trust that you won’t go wrong with this one.


  1. .223 Wylde chambering offers excellent performance with the .223 Remington and 5.56mm rounds
  2. Barrel profile offers a good balance of weight reduction and performance
  3. Standard threading and M4 feed ramps
  4. Chrome lining
  5. Versatile twist rate


  1. Parkerized finish may not offer the best durability
  2. Twist rate not suitable for very light or heavy rounds

2. Faxon Firearms AR-15 Government/SOCOM Barrels

Best Budget

Faxon Firearms created their AR-15 Government/SOCOM Barrels to match the standard military issue profile and the mass production price. Since it’s made from a popular manufacturer, it is no surprise that this model actually offers a tad better performance compared to a standard military issue barrel.

The Faxon Firearms AR-15 Government/SOCOM Barrels features a unique profile that is a mix of an M4 and a heavy barrel profile. The section under the handguard is thin while the section near the muzzle gets thicker. Faxon Firearms has even removed the M203 grenade launcher cutout from the M4 profile – since many civilians don’t really need one – to offer better stability.

This resulted in a lightweight barrel that offers much more accuracy compared to a general issue M4 barrel. However, the chambering in the Faxon Firearms AR-15 Government/SOCOM Barrel is 5.56mm that can withstand more pressure than a .223 chambering, but it is ever so slightly less accurate when used with a .223 round.

The Faxon Firearms AR-15 Government/SOCOM Barrels features a carbon steel construction, making it much lighter than what you’d expect from a stainless steel barrel while also being slightly less rigid.

This material construction offers a good blend of weight reduction and accuracy. While the reduced weight does make it suitable for use with a patrol or tactical rifle, the barrel doesn’t deliver match-grade precision.

With a 1:8 twist rate, the Faxon Firearms AR-15 Government/SOCOM Barrels is yet another versatile option that works well with bullets of all weights. However, it is not a great one to get if you plan to shoot your rifle with either very heavy or very light bullets.

One thing we love best about this barrel is definitely its finish. The entire Faxon Firearms AR-15 Government/SOCOM Barrel is QPQ nitride coated to offer excellent corrosion resistance. This special finishing also acts as an effective protection against wear from slings and gear. However, the nitride coating certainly doesn’t provide as much accuracy as a barrel with a chrome-lined bore.

All in all, the Faxon Firearms AR-15 Government/SOCOM Barrels is a fantastic choice that provides a fantastic balance between weight and precision. This is an ideal choice for those who often take their shots from less than 300 yards away.


  1. Improved M4 profile
  2. Carbon steel construction that is lightweight and precise
  3. 1:8 barrel twist rate suitable for most bullet weights
  4. Durable nitride finish


  1. Nitride coated bore less accurate than chrome-lined bore
  2. 5.56 chambering prioritizes pressure resistance over the accuracy

3. Faxon Firearms AR-15 Pencil Profile Match Barrel

Best Slim Profile

It is well known that although thinner, lighter barrels are easier to transport around, they are much less accurate than the thick, heavy barrel. Noticing this gap, Faxon Firearms have specially designed their AR-15 Pencil Profile Match Barrel to minimize the inaccuracy issue that often comes with a lightweight barrel.

The Faxon Firearms AR-15 Pencil Profile Match Barrel comes in a pencil profile for maximum weight reduction but that doesn’t mean it is flimsy! Machined from a solid piece of stainless steel bar stock, this pencil profile match barrel is designed for maximum rigidity. By doing so, Faxon Firearms save you from the need to sacrifice too much accuracy to enjoy the weight savings.

Like the two barrels discussed in our list earlier, the Faxon Firearms AR-15 Pencil Profile Match Barrel features a twist rate of 1:8, providing good performance for a wide range of bullet weights. The barrel even offers a 5R button rifling to ensure you achieve the best precision and velocity from your ammunition.

The Faxon Firearms AR-15 Pencil Profile Match Barrel also comes with a nitride coating that acts as additional protection against rust for the stainless steel body. The barrel extension is NP3 coated to ensure that you won’t have to worry about seizing in your upper receiver.

Overall, it is without a doubt that the Faxon Firearms AR-15 Pencil Profile Match Barrel could possibly be the most accurate lightweight barrel you can get your hands on. While it isn’t as accurate as a true match barrel, it does a pretty good job for its category.


  1. Bull barrel profile for maximum precision
  2. Stainless steel construction for a longer lifespan
  3. M4 feed ramps for reliability
  4. Versatile 1:8 twist rate to accommodate most bullet weights
  5. Durable nitride coating
  6. Affordable pricing


  1. Not as accurate as a true match barrel

4. Rainier Arms .223 Wylde Match Barrels

Best AR-15 Match Barrel

If you’re all about precision, then the Rainier Arms .223 Wylde Match Barrels may just be the one for you. However, one thing you need to remember is that more precision often means more weight.

The Rainier Arms .223 Wylde Match Barrels features a bull barrel profile to ensure you get the most precise shots out of your rifle. However, it does mean that your barrel is rather heavy. This is most certainly not a suitable option to go with a patrol rifle.

Constructed with machined stainless steel, the Rainier Arms .223 Wylde Match Barrels is designed to be even more precise – and also heavier – than the rest. While the solid stainless steel material is very heavy, it does offer enhanced durability to deliver a longer lifespan than a lined bore.

However, one thing that you should take note is that the stainless steel is bead blasted and does not come with any additional coating. So, don’t expect as much corrosion protection as you would see from a black barrel.

At the ends of the Rainier Arms .223 Wylde Match Barrels, you’ll find M4 feed ramps to ensure you get to experience reliable feeding, and threads on the other end for you to pair it up with your favorite muzzle device.

With a 1:8 twist rate, you can pretty much count on the Rainier Arms .223 Wylde Match Barrels to offer you solid performance with a variety of bullet weights. Considering all the features of this barrel, the Rainier Arms .223 Wylde Match Barrels sure is a great option for a match or designated marksman rifle.


  1. Bull barrel profile for maximum precision
  2. Stainless steel construction provides a longer lifespan
  3. M4 feed ramps for reliable feeding
  4. Versatile 1:8 twist rate to accommodate most bullet weights


  1. Heavyweight
  2. Does not come with a coating

5. Daniel Defense AR-15 Hammer Forged 

Best Mil-Spec AR-15 Barrel

The Daniel Defense AR-15 Hammer Forged Barrel comes with all the usual military specifications you’d expect and more. Daniel Defense features far higher quality construction than many mil-spec barrels.

The two things that make this barrel fall into military specifications are its profile and twist rate. The Daniel Defense AR-15 Hammer Forged Barrel features a standard government profile without the notch for mounting a grenade launcher. This is definitely an all-round barrel that is not too heavy yet still nicely rigid.

Unlike the barrel we’ve discussed so far, the Daniel Defense AR-15 Hammer Forged Barrel comes with a 1:7 twist rate, which is what military usually have for their standard-issue rifles. This twist rate is great for heavier rounds, do if you often use 77-grain or 80-grain rounds, then this barrel may just work well for you.

Where this Daniel Defense AR-15 Hammer Forged Barrel outshines other mil-spec barrels is in its construction. This model from Daniel Defense is cold hammer-forged from alloy steel to ensure excellent accuracy even with the minimal government profile.

The Daniel Defense AR-15 Hammer Forged Barrel also features a manganese phosphate finish, which is a step up from all your typical mil-spec bluing. This coating is much more durable and corrosion-resistant on top of providing shooters with an excellent bore lining for better accuracy and lifespan.

Combine all the above features with its M4 feed ramps and threaded muzzle, you’ve definitely got a barrel that’s built to military specifications but with much better performance. Overall, the Daniel Defense AR-15 Hammer Forged Barrel is one barrel that you cannot miss out on, especially if you prefer firing off heavier shots.


  1. Standard government profile to offer a decent mix of accuracy and weight reduction
  2. Cold hammer-forged alloy steel construction for excellent accuracy
  3. Manganese phosphate finish is durable and corrosion-resistant
  4. Bore lining offers a longer lifespan
  5. 1:7 twist rate suitable for use with heavier rounds


  1. The twist rate may not suit lighter rounds
  2. Government profile skews a bit toward weight reduction over precision

6. Criterion Barrels AR-15 Fluted Stainless Steel Barrel

Best Long Range Barrel

If you’re on the hunt for a long barrel without the extra weight that comes along with the additional inches, then the Criterion Barrels AR-15 Fluted Stainless Steel Barrel may just be what you’re looking for.

This long-range barrel features eight flutes machined along the length of the Criterion Barrels AR-15 Fluted Stainless Steel Barrel to reduce the weight and improve cooling. This means you can use an 18 or 20-inch barrel without making your rifle much heavier than it needs to be.

The Criterion Barrels AR-15 Fluted Stainless Steel Barrel features a modified bull barrel profile. This barrel is full under the handguard and narrows nearer the muzzle to prevent your rifle from getting too heavy upfront. This helps to maintain a good overall balance for your long-range rifle.

This stainless steel rifle barrel also comes with a .223 Wylde chambering for solid accuracy with both the .223 Remington and 5.56mm rounds. While the 1:8 twist rate provides good performance with any ammunition, it is still an interesting choice for a long-range rifle. This is because most match ammunition is heavy, hence a 1:7 twist may seem more appropriate for a longer barrel.

The Criterion Barrels AR-15 Fluted Stainless Steel Barrel features a machined stainless steel construction to offer excellent accuracy and longevity. However, another downside is that it does not come with an additional coating to resist corrosion.

Though, you may be happy to find that this barrel does have M4 feed ramps and a threaded muzzle to found out the package for better reliability and customization. All in all, this barrel delivers exceptional precision without making your rifle feeling too heavy. The Criterion Barrels AR-15 Fluted Stainless Steel Barrel is an excellent choice for those who enjoy long-range shooting.


  1. Fluting reduces weight on longer barrel lengths
  2. Fluting improves the cooling effect
  3. Barrel profile provides good precision
  4. Lighter construction near the muzzle for better handling
  5. .223 Wylde chambering to ensure good accuracy with .223 and 5.56mm ammunition
  6. Durable stainless steel construction


  1. 1:8 twist rate isn’t optimized for heavy ammunition
  2. No corrosion-resistant coating

7. BSF Barrels Carbon Fiber 223 Wylde 

Best Lightweight AR-15 Barrel

BSF Barrels takes an innovative approach with its Carbon Fiber 223 Wylde Barrel to deliver a rigid, yet lightweight barrel for its customers. As the name suggests, this model is constructed with carbon fiber but also with a blend of stainless steel. The carbon fiber is wrapped around a stainless steel core to provide enhanced rigidity without adding too much weight.

BSF offers its carbon fiber AR-15 barrel in several different lengths for you to choose from. Whether you opt for the 16, 18, or 20-inch barrel, you can be assured that this sturdy barrel is both reliable and highly accurate.

Another benefit of the BSF Barrels Carbon Fiber 223 Wylde Barrel is that its carbon-fiber jacket is vented to provide improved airflow and cooling. The carbon fiber is also heat resistant, meaning the barrel remains cool enough to touch even after the rapid-fire.

As for the steel core itself, it is made with match-grade 416R steel that is certainly rigid to deliver match-grade accuracy, even though much of the body is made of carbon fiber.

The stainless steel backbone of the BSF Barrels Carbon Fiber 223 Wylde Barrel features a .223 Wylde chambering to deliver good performance with both the .223 Remington and 5.56mm ammunition.

The BSF Barrels Carbon Fiber 223 Wylde Barrel even features a 1:8 twist rate to provide you with solid accuracy with almost any ammunition you could throw at it. As you would expect by now, the carbon fiber barrel’s core is capped with m4 feed ramps and a threaded muzzle for industry-standard reliability and ease of customization.

The only potential downside we could see with the BSF Barrels Carbon Fiber 223 Wylde Barrel is its price. Having said that, shooters who are on the hunt for carbon fiber barrels need to consider the fact that the higher price tag is nothing compared to its excellent package.

Without a doubt, the BSF Barrels Carbon Fiber 223 Wylde Barrel is an excellent choice for any lightweight build, especially if you prefer to use a slightly longer barrel for your long-range adventures.


  1. Extremely lightweight, even in long barrel lengths
  2. Carbon fiber jacket enhances cooling
  3. Built from match-grade 416R steel
  4. .223 Wylde chambering to suit almost any ammunition
  5. 1:8 twist rate for all-round performance with any rounds


  1. May be too expensive for some
  2. Not suitable for use with rounds that are too heavy or too light

8. Aero Precision 14.7” 5.56 Pencil CMV Barrel

Best Mid-Length Barrel

For such a big name in the firearm industry, how could we miss out on this one form Aero Precision? The pencil-style profile barrel design of this CMV barrel measures at 14.7 inches. When you pin this with a standard A2 flash hider, you can expect this barrel to reach an overall length of 16 inches.

Made to mil-spec standards, the Aero Precision 14.7” 5.56 Pencil CMV Barrel is also constructed from 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium (CMV) and finished off with QPQ corrosion-resistant finish. This means that your barrel is durable enough to last you through many years of usage and all kinds of abuse.

Before we proceed, you should also know that all Aero Precision AR-15 barrels are Magnetic Particle Inspected as well as High Pressure tested, so you know you can expect a trouble-free, long service life with this rifle barrel.

Weighing at only 21.76 ounces, this is certainly a lightweight option that has been thoroughly checked to ensure high quality for enhanced accuracy from a time-tested, precision manufactured barrel.

The Button Rifling style of the Aero Precision 14.7” 5.56 Pencil CMV Barrel is paired with a 1:7 twist rate and a ½-28 thread pitch. Unfortunately, this barrel package does not come with a .625 gas block.

All in all, considering its sturdy construction and high-quality checks, the Aero Precision 14.7” 5.56 Pencil CMV Barrel is a very good choice for use with any mid-length rifle.


  1. Military specification standards
  2. MPI and HP tested for trouble-free, long service life
  3. Improved accuracy
  4. 1:7 twist rate to accommodate heavier ammunition


  1. Does not come with a .625 gas block

9. EuroOptic FN AR-15 HF Barrel

EuroOptic is a popular supplier of quality firearm accessories, and they certainly continue to prove their excellence in the manufacture of AR-15 rifle barrels. Their AR-15 barrel comes with five different lengths: 16-inch Carbine, 18-inch Rifle, 20-inch Rifle, 16-inch Mid-Length, and 14.5-inch Carbine.

Regardless of which length you’re getting, you can trust that getting an FN barrel means you’re purchasing quality, reliability, and longevity. All FN barrels are hammer forged from proprietary Chrome Moly Vanadium (CMV) steel, which also happens to be the material that the company uses to make machine gun barrels.

Aside from the sturdy CMV construction, the barrel also comes with a chrome-lined chamber for better corrosion resistance. The chrome-lined bore is even twice as thick as any standard mil-spec chrome-lined barrel.

Add this amazing lining to the hammer forge process, it is obvious the EuroOptic FN AR-15 HF Barrel is able to handle almost any abuse you throw at them. This chrome-lined barrel will offer a service life in excess of 20,000 round count.

With a 1:7 RH twist rate, the EuroOptic FN AR-15 HF Barrel also offers a 1/2×28-inch threaded muzzle and an M4-style feed ramp extension to offer reliable and consistent feeding.

In any case, any shooter looking for a compromise between thick barrels and pencil barrels may find that this is an ideal choice. The EuroOptic FN AR-15 HF Barrel is sturdy enough to provide confidence yet light enough to give a good balance and accuracy.


  1. Quality and reliable rifle barrel
  2. Made with Chrome Moly Vanadium and chrome lining for extra durability and longevity
  3. Chrome-lined bore is twice as thick as most barrels
  4. A lightweight option for good balance and accuracy


  1. None


Whether you’re replacing an old barrel or starting a new AR-15 build project, you should know that choosing a barrel that suits your specific need is very important. To decide which is right for you, you need to first consider how you plan to utilize your firearm.

For those who love to hunt for frequent target ranges, you may place a larger emphasis on reliability while those in competitive shooting may seek out a more precise barrel with a higher twist rate. Different barrels offer unique advantages and the key is the determine which features are the most applicable for you.

Hopefully our article today has provided you with sufficient information and knowledge to figure out which AR-15 barrel would best suit your needs. With that being said, remember to do sufficient research before making that final payment as it could really make an impact on your shooting experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a twist rate?

A twist rate of a barrel is the distance needed for a bullet to spin a full 360-degree rotation. Twist rate measurement is defined as 1:8”, 1:10” or 1 in 8 inches, and 1 in 10 inches. The higher the twist rate, the slower the rotation.

Q: What barrel length should I choose?

To decide on which barrel length is best, you need to first find out what’s the purpose of your AR-15 rifle. For example, shorter barrels are not the best choice if you often engage in a long-range shooting as this will make it much harder to maintain a spot on accuracy due to the reduced muzzle velocity. However,

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