Best AR-15 Scope Mounts of 2020 – Our Recommendations

The AR-15 rifle has been around for many years and it is one of the most popular firearms in the United States thanks to its reliability and accuracy. However, many pair their AR-15 with accessories to further improve its performance, and one of the best ways to boost the rifle’s accuracy is to install a scope.

AR-15 scopes are considered essential for many as it provides for better shooting and overall user experience with rifles. But to install a scope, you’ll need to also get a scope mount to hold your accessory in place. A quick search online will show you that there are endless possibilities and getting a suitable scope mount may feel confusing.

Fortunately, we have done some research to provide you with some guidance in finding a good scope mount to improve your shooting accuracy. In this article, we will be reviewing some of the top best scope mounts available on the market.

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Types of Mounts

One-piece mounts

One-piece mounts feature a straightforward design that is easy to mount and dismount. They are built to suit modern rifles; however, they can get pretty heavy. So, if you’re looking to trim your rifle’s overall weight, you may want to stay away from this type of mount.

Scope Rings

Scope rings are basically just two rings that are attached to your AR-15 and scope. This choice is much more rugged, lighter, and cheaper than one-piece mounts. Scope rings are usually used for long-range shootings.

Main Factors in Picking Out a Good AR-15 Scope Mount

Before we proceed with the best AR-15 scope mounts, let’s first go over a few factors that you should consider during your hunt for the best scope mount.


Many shooters tend to splurge on an expensive rifle yet cheap out on a quality scope mount. You should remember that getting a good scope mount is just as important. Find one that is strong, durable, and made by renowned manufacturers. If you’re not willing to spend too much on just a mount, there are plenty of affordable options with good quality too.

One or Two-Piece

As discussed above, there are two types of scope mounts: single and two-piece mounts. One-piece mounts are more expensive and are better suited for modern rifles whereas two-piece mounts are much cheaper and lighter in weight.

Fixed or Detachable

Fixed mounts are fixed onto your rifle and cannot be removed without the use of special tools while detachable mounts can easily be attached and removed in case the optic fails or if you wish to use another scope with your AR-15.

Mount Height

Scope mounts and rings come in various sizes and heights. Generally, the shorter your scope mount is, the more accurate your shot gets as it is easier to sight in. However, different kinds of scope may require mounts of different height. For example, long-range shooting rifles may need a higher scope mount.

Best AR-15 Scope Mounts – Our Recommendations

Now that we’ve gone through the basic features of scope mounts that you need to keep in mind, here are a few top scopes mounts available on the market that you can get for your AR-15 rifle.

1. Aero Precision Ultralight 30mm Scope Mount

Best Overall

Aero Precision Ultralight 30mm Scope Mount

The Aero Precision Ultralight 30mm is a lightweight and affordable option that deserves the top spot on our list. Built with strong 6061-T6 extruded aluminum and coated in black hard coat anodize, this scope mount is as sturdy and durable as it gets. Designed to suit almost any AR-15 receivers, this scope mount can maintain its zero even after multiple times of detachments.

The Aero Precision Ultralight 30mm is a good choice for those who frequently participate in target shooting and hunting adventures. It features a lightweight profile and even comes with the necessary tools for you to install the base and rings onto your rifle easily. Aside from offering ease of use, the Aero Precision Ultralight 30mm also provides better eye relief than most other mounts seen on the market.

Customer Feedback

Many customers have reported back saying that they really enjoy using this ultra-lightweight mount from Aero Precision thanks to its easy attachment and detachment. The package comes with a star wrench tool that many have found to be plenty useful as it can also be used with other devices of the same nut size. Other than its affordability and great value, they’ve also commented that the scope mount offers great eye relief to make for hours of comfortable shooting.


If you’re looking for a lightweight scope mount, then the Aero Precision Ultralight 30mm is possibly the lightest one you’ll be able to get your hands on. At such an extremely reasonable price, this scope mount works seamlessly to let you attach your favorite scope onto the rifle. Designed to have a sturdy built that is long-lasting, the Aero Precision Ultralight 30mm has proven itself to be deserving of the best overall scope mount spot on our list.


  1. Affordable pricing
  2. Holds zero even after frequent detachment from rifle
  3. Lightweight and rugged construction
  4. Mounting rings pushed forward 2 inches for better eye relief
  5. Made from strong 6061-T5 extruded aluminum
  6. Black hard coat anodized for better durability


  1. Does not come with quick detach option
  2. Package does not include proper instructions for use
  3. Need to be careful when tightening scope rings as it can cause the scope to no longer be leveled with the receiver

2. American Defense AD-RECON


American Defense AD-RECON Scope Mount

Next on our list is our beloved American Defense AD-RECON munt scope. This is an amazing and popular choice thanks to its strong build and accurate functions. The mount is designed with the cantilever throwing the scope out front to provide users with better eye relief.

On top of it, the American Defense AD-RECON is even made with 6061-T6 aluminum and designed for putting high power glass onto a flattop style gun. Wrapped around the scope mount is a hard coat T3 Mil-Spec anodized finishing to give it an overall more robust construction.

The American Defense AD-RECON is a great choice for those looking for something that offers smooth and robust operation. As it provides great eye relief and ease of use, this is a mount that will suit many hunting trips. Its basic operation also means you don’t need to spend too much time understanding the technicalities, making it suitable for use by both professionals and beginners alike.

Customer Feedback

Recent customers have expressed their satisfaction with how high-quality and well-built the American Defense AD-RECON scope mount is. They were even more surprised to find all those features at such an affordable price. The scope mount is perfectly curated to allow variations of scope and rail tolerances as it provides a rock-solid and repeatable mounting. If it gets a little off, you can always easily adjust it back with your finger or a screwdriver.


The American Defense AD-RECON is easily one of the best scope mounts you can find on the market, especially if you’re seeking for something that is durable enough to last you through many years that is also easily detachable. Featuring easy adjustments without the need for additional tools, the American Defense AD-RECON scope mount even comes with an easy set of instructions for beginners.


  1. Does not require any tools for adjustment
  2. The lever can be aligned to lock to the rear or front
  3. Offers quick detach option
  4. Able to hold its zero upon detachment
  5. Can easily be adjusted with a finger or a flat blade screwdriver
  6. Can be used with scopes with large objective housings


  1. Tightening the mount can be a problem
  2. Setting up the mount can be a little confusing at first
  3. Several reports on missing items during delivery

3. UTG 1”/2PCs Med Pro Scope Mount

Best for Value

UTG 1”/2PCs Med Pro Scope Mount

The UTG 1”/2PCs Med Pro is a 22mm wide scope ring and is also popular among plenty of users. One thing we love about this scope is simply the features it offers at a very affordable price. The scope ring comes with a positive locking system to allow users to easily re-zero their mount upon detachment with a tight tolerance control. All in all, you can trust that the UTG 1”/2PCs Med Pro does its job well and there are no obvious reasons to reject this mount.

For those who are on a budget, the UTG 1”/2PCs Med Pro may be the perfect choice for you, especially since it is also suitable for use on a 22mm rifle. If you’re sick of mount cracking or breaking issues in the past, then you’ll be glad to find that the UTG 1”/2PCs Med Pro is a sturdy option thanks to its aircraft-grade aluminum alloy material.

Customer Feedback

Buyers love their new UTG 1”/2PCs Med Pro, especially since it comes at such a reasonable price. This is one of the cheapest and easiest scope mounts you can find on the market. Featuring a well-built and strong construction, most customers have found that they have zero to complain about with their UTG 1”/2PCs Med Pro. Detaching and attaching this scope mount is very easy, especially since it is able to retain its zero.


The UTG 1”/2PCs Med Pro comes at an unbeatable price with a secure grip and strong build, making it one of the best mounts on the market. It is also designed to seamlessly fit onto any Picatinny rail and even offers Quick Detachment for ease of use. Although it is at a wallet-friendly price, you should not discount it as a low-quality product with little to offer.


  1. Able to hold its zero upon detachment from rifle
  2. Robust construction and easy ergonomic build
  3. Lock lever can easily be adjusted to fit any Picatinny rail
  4. Comes in various sizes to suit different rifles
  5. Offers Quick Detach option


  1. Heavier than other mounts
  2. Might be loosely attached to the rails
  3. Holding its zero down effectively may require some technique

4. Acid Tactical 1”

Best AR-15 Carry Handle Scope Mounts

Acid Tactical 1” Scope Mount

One thing that makes the Acid Tactical 1” scope mount stand out to us is its single Picatinny rail with 14 slots in it. This is a see-through mount, meaning it is very easy to use with fixed sights. Constructed and designed to be strong and durable, the Acid Tactical 1” is easily one of the best AR-15 carry handle scope mounts you can currently get your hands on.

As the name suggests, the Acid Tactical 1” features a one-inch diameter, making it suitable for use with scopes of similar size. Aside from that, the scope mount also comes at a low price point, making it affordable for anyone to purchase, including beginners. The best thing about it is the 14 slots that allow for use with weaver and Picatinny rails.

Customer Feedback

Many customers have expressed their satisfaction with using this scope mount. They’ve commented that the Acid Tactical 1” features a strong and good built as it is made from quality aluminum. Other than that, users also find that the mounting bar is strong and durable ensuring the scope mount stays tight the whole time and it also arrives in very good packaging.


If you’re looking for a carry handle scope mount, you need not look further than the Acid Tactical 1”. It also features a see-through construction that is strong and long-lasting. Suitable for use with weaver and Picatinny rails, this is easily your best bet for easy installation and comfortable ergonomics.


  1. Remains tight throughout use
  2. Easy installation
  3. Features a see-through design to let you use fixed sights
  4. Riser made of aluminum and secures firmly to a weaver or Picatinny rail
  5. Features a riser to let you alter the height of the riflescope for better sight


  1. Heavier than other scopes
  2. Riser may seem too wide for certain scopes
  3. May be too low for some

5. Larue Tactical LT104 Scope Mount

Best AR-15 Quick Disconnect Scope Mount

Larue Tactical LT104 Scope Mount

Larue is a popular firearm parts manufacturer and they offer some of the best products on the market, and the Larue Tactical LT104 is one such example. Featuring a great construction and design, this scope mount’s quality is simply remarkable, especially when you compare it to other mounts available on the market. It is able to effectively hold its zero upon detachment, a feature many people look for in their scope mounts.

For those willing to invest a little bit more to get a good quality scope mount, the Larue Tactical LT104 is definitely a good choice worth considering as it is quite easily the best AR-15 quick disconnect scope mount you can get your hands on now. However, this may not be the best for beginners as it requires some prior knowledge of how to install and use this mount correctly.

Customer Feedback

Most users have reported back with pleasant feedback for their Larue Tactical LT104. Not only does it come with a full set of instructions and a detailed guide on how to achieve the right tension, but the scope rings also mount seamlessly and remain tight throughout use. They’ve noticed that the scope mount is also highly tolerant and can even survive through the strongest recoil action. Many love how the Larue Tactical LT104 lets you remove and replace the optic easily without losing your zero settings.


The Larue Tactical LT104 is a scope mount that you should look into, especially if you need one that is easy to carry around and performs perfectly. Most users have found nothing to complain about this and have in fact sang praises for its design and function. Finally, the Larue Tactical LT104 holds back to zero and offers quick detachment, making this scope mount very easy to use.


  1. Features a robust design for optics
  2. No need to waste time on lapping with it
  3. Locking speed levers allow to return to zero smoothly
  4. Rings have high tolerance levels to withstand strong recoil actions
  5. Cantilever allows its shooter good eye relief due to its innovative design


  1. Only comes with one locking lever
  2. Rings tend to loosen over time
  3. Requires additional tools for mounting adjustment

6. Burris Optics

Best AR-15 30mm Scope Mount

Burris Optics

Although the Burris Optics is made in China, there is no reason for you to doubt its quality and functions. This scope mount comes with six screws in each ring to ensure you get a better grip and focus on the scope. Offering a variety of sizes, the Burris Optics is able to fit on many different guns and is also considered as one of the most flexible and versatile scope mounts on the market.

The Burris Optics scope mount is a great choice for those who spend most of their time at the range. Since it comes with a much bulkier weight than most, this is not one to bring out to the field as it makes your rifle considerably heavier. In any case, it does come at an affordable price and it’s easy to use making it a good choice for experienced shooters and beginners who are just starting out.

Customer Feedback

Many have had a great experience with the Burris Optics mount. Customers have commented that they love its finishing and how well it fits with almost any scope they used. With the help of nuts on either side of the mount, they have also found it very easy to tighten or loosen it and is especially convenient for those who like to switch between multiple scopes.


For those who need a 30mm scope mount for their AR-15, the Burris Optics scope mount is probably as good as it gets. Other than being extremely convenient and flexible to use, this scope mount can be loosened and tightened easily whenever needed and offers a good grip on the scope. Highly recommended by most of its users, the Burris Optics scope is definitely worth a closer look.


  1. Flexible and versatile use
  2. Able to hold its zero easily
  3. Features tactical rings in case you want to mount a small red dot on top
  4. Quick detach feature
  5. Comes in various sizes to fit all kinds of rifle
  6. No change of slippage since it uses half-inch hex nuts to secure your AR-15 Picatinny rail


  1. May be a bit off in elevation and windage
  2. Heavier than other mounts
  3. May be a little too low for some

7. Modkin Weaver Scope Rings

Best AR-15 Weaver Scope Mount

Modkin Weaver Scope Rings

Once you tighten your Modkin Weaver Scope Rings around, you can be assured that there will be no budging. This weaver scope mount even fits a 21mm Picatinny and weaver rails on top of holding its zero efficiently to help you improve your accuracy in the field and at the range. Hence, there is no surprise when this is rated as the best AR-15 Weaver Scope Mount on our list.

The Modkin Weaver Scope Rings comes at a wallet-friendly price, meaning it can be easily purchased by all. If you happen to have a 21mm Picatinny and Weaver rail, this may just be the perfect choice for both target shooters and hunters.

Customer Feedback

Many recent customers have claimed that the Modkin Weaver Scope Ring is extremely well made for its cost. On top of easy installation, the scope rings fit perfectly without the need for sandpaper or lap. In fact, it is able to maintain and hold tight on the scope without worrying it’ll come loose. One particular user even mentioned that they love the four screw ring clamps as it helped make it easier to mount the scope.


The Modkin Weaver Scope Rings stay put once it is secured well. They come with built-in tape around the inside of the rings to ensure a firm grip on the scope. All in all, the consistency and secure hold have made them one of the most popular weaver scope mounts on the market.


  1. Comes at an affordable price
  2. Sits well on many different scopes
  3. Fits well without the need for sandpaper or lap
  4. Fits all Picatinny and weaver rails with a 21mm diameter
  5. Each ring has a fixed-in tape inside to prevent sliding


  1. Bolt thread may come loose
  2. Might need to use Loctite on the screws
  3. May sit too high on the scope for some users


To make the most out of your AR-15 rifle, you need to make sure you also invest in good quality accessories – this includes the scope and scope mounts. Good parts can easily make or break your performance. Hopefully, you’re able to find everything you need to know in our in-depth review article for the top best scope mount to go with your AR-15 rifle today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all AR-15 scope mounts the same?

No, not all AR-15 scope mounts are the same. They’re not a “one-size-fits-all” kind of product. Although many mounts on the market come with adjustable lengths and other features, there are still plenty more components that need to be considered.

Such component includes the type of attachments for the mounts. Some AR-15 come with Keymod or M-LOK rails while others have Picatinny rails. These will then also have differences in terms of tube length and width, depending on the type of scope you use.

Another characteristic that differentiates scope mounts is their height. A short mount that is close to the barrel of the gun without touching it is an ideal choice, but this also depends on the barrel itself. If it is a thicker barrel, you may need to get a higher mount instead.

How high should a scope be mounted on my AR-15?

It is best to mount your scope as low as possible without touching the barrel of the rifle as this will allow for a much more precise sighting. Having it lower on your rifle also makes it much more comfortable for you as it provides a cheek rest when aiming. However, do take note that some barrels will require you to mount your scopes higher for different reasons.

Where should a scope sit on a rifle?

The scope mount should be placed at the top of the rifle on the railing. It is important to ensure the mounts are tight, according to the given torque, and the scope is mounted securely. You can easily check that your mount and scope are leveled to your rifle with a bubble level.

How far should a scope be from my eye?

The distance a scope has to be from your eye depends on personal preference. You need to make sure that you place your scope at a position that feels comfortable for your eye. Eye relief is basically the distance you need to achieve that gives you a good view of the full image produced by the riflescope. The ideal scope distance can be determined based on the mount you use and after experimenting with different bracing positions to see which is most comfortable for you.

Are Weaver and Picatinny Mounts the same?

No, weaver and Picatinny mounts are not the same. Although they are quite similar in many aspects, they are two different types of railing. They differ in the number of slots, slot dimensions, and slot placement. A weaver rail usually comes with one or two slots while Picatinny rails have slows that extend down the entire length of the rail. This is one of the most prominent differences, but there are other factors involved as well.

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