Top 7 Best .300 Blackout Pistols (2021) – Our Picks

The .300 Blackout pistol is almost everyone’s favorite addition to the firearms industry lately because it serves as a major step forward for many purposes such as hunting, target shooting, and home defense.  Advanced Armament Corporation pulled out all their stops to give you the stopping power of rifles at close range and a rifle’s standard … Read more

5 Best Reloading Dies of 2020 – A Detailed Buying Guide

Best Reloading Dies

Reloading dies are extremely vital to every gun owner. It is common for gun owners to reload their new weapon, but surely it is not easy. With this handy guide, it’ll not only show beginners to reload, it’ll also recommend several beginner-friendly reloading dies, making it easier to begin reloading your own cartridges. There are many … Read more

The Best Mossberg 500 Rails (2020) – Our Recommendations

Best Mossberg 500 Rails

The Mossberg 500 which is touted as America’s favourite short-ranged weapon has always been the forerunner in shotgun due to its versatility and dependability in home defense. Proving its worth with a plethora of upgrades and accessories readily available for people like hunters and general enthusiasts who want to have fun or protect themselves.  Going … Read more