Illinois Gun Laws in 2021: What’s Illegal?

Important Gun Laws in Illinois Illinois is a shall-issue state, which means that if an applicant meets certain requirements, the Illinois State Police must issue a concealed carry license. However, unlike other jurisdictions, Illinois also allows law enforcement to object to the issuance of a concealed carry license if they believe the applicant is a … Read more

Indiana Gun Laws: Concealed Carry Rules

What are Indiana Gun Laws?Indiana gun laws govern the selling, ownership, and usage of guns and ammunition in the United States state of Indiana. Local rules governing the use and use of guns, guns, and shooting accessories are forbidden by IC 35–47–11.1–2, with the exception of the provisions mentioned in IC 35–47–11.1–4. (New provisions take effect … Read more

Alabama Gun Laws: Do I need a Carry Permit?

What are the Gun Laws in Alabama?Alabama is a shall-issue jurisdiction, with concealed weapons licenses provided by the local sheriff’s office at the county level. When purchasing a handgun from a private citizen, no permit, background check, or firearms registration is necessary. Alabama does not need a permit for open carry. Anyone over the age of 18 … Read more