Vermont Gun Laws

Vermont has one of the most relaxed gun laws in the United States and does not issue permits for carrying firearms as it operates on a “Unrestricted” policy.  Vermont allows any individual who is 16 years old and above, who can legally possess a firearm, to openly or concealed carry firearms.  Nonetheless, Federal law requires … Read more

Utah Gun Laws

While Utah’s gun laws are permissive, a permit was required for residents who want to carry a concealed firearm. However, that has changed in 2021 when Utah gun laws now eliminate the need for a permit for concealed firearm.  The law states that anyone at least 21 years old can lawfully possess a loaded concealed … Read more

Rhode Island Gun Laws

Gun laws in Rhode Island are relatively restrictive and may be difficult to obtain a permit in this state.  The carry licenses in Rhode Island are issued at local level by the police chief or attorney general. Rhode Island is a “shall issue” state by local authorities and “may issue” by an attorney general. Quick … Read more

Pennsylvania Gun Laws

The rules and regulations surrounding firearms is in part based on federal laws, but a lot of it is left to each individual state.  Among the neighboring states, Pennsylvania has relatively more relaxed gun laws. Pennsylvania is a “shall-issue” state that issues concealed weapons licenses at county level by the sheriff’s office or chief of … Read more

Oregon Gun Laws

Oregon is a shall-issue state that processes and issues concealed handgun licenses at county level by the local sheriff’s office.  While it’s a shall-issue state, the sheriff still has some discretion when it comes to permit issuance if there are reasonable grounds to believe that the applicant might result as a danger to self or others. Residents … Read more