Best Ruger 10/22 Charging Handle Upgrades

Within the following guide, we are going to highlight a number of the best Ruger 10/22 charging handles.

If you are looking for the best charging handle for the Ruger 10/22, we have emphasized some attributes and attributes to search for and offered you five of the best on the market now.

Let us see what models made our record and why!

A Piece of Ruger 10/22 History

This little plinker is seen in the collection of almost anyone and for a lot of reasons. Nowadays. As the gun available on the current marketplace, the Ruger 10/22 is adaptable for different ability levels, as well as different competitions.

Although the Ruger 10/22 isn’t chambered in almost any ceremony or macho capsule, the Ruger’s Rimfire is up there with an M-16/AR-15 in regards to customization. Actually, it is possible to completely build a 10/22 from the ground up with after-market parts, placing the Ruger near the Stoner’s black weapon.

When we speak about improvements, the very first thing to know is that use of a stock 10/22 rifle isn’t simply fine. However, to be more comfortable with a number of uses, there is enormous aftermarket availability of parts and accessories.

As a result, ordinary gun owners, as well as many shooters, swap gun parts to personalize their firearm for their needs.

Consequently, the Ruger 10/22 is the perfect weapon for shooters with a do-it-yourself soul, and one of the most popular approaches to personalize your 10/22 is to replace stocks and drop-in triggers.

Together with those upgrades, some folks complain the bolt handle is still too tiny. Adding a slightly larger bolt handle is should, especially for users with bigger hands.

Surely, the Ruger 10/22’s design makes customization quickly and simple. Quality aftermarket charging handles improve the main function or offer a approach by providing the shooter room for exploitation.

In other words, the replacement charging bolts provide bolt handles or charging assemblies with more surface area to ensure it is simple to grip for charging, jam clearance, or merely allowing low mounting of scopes.

Characteristics of Good Charging Handles

Charging handles are quite a special portion of your rifle and many shoppers don’t understand what they’re searching for. If you are in the market for an upgrade, here are some key attributes:


​Odds are, if you are thinking of updating your charging handle, it’s as you don’t find it comfortable. That is because the stock charging handle is terrific to get a one-hand charge and is assumed to become ambidextrous. In practice, however, as they should be for lefties, they are generally not as useful and a little small for users.

A Better Release Latch

​The stock release latch is slim and offers hardly some leverage. A pin that is 1/16-inch must endure virtually all of the applied force, making it.

Improved Shape

​Along the exact lines as ergonomics, a better shape improves use for various users. A customized fit improves performance when it matters. In addition gloves doesn’t work with the stock component, but this is greatly improved by a few models.

Enriched Performance

When better components and layout combine, you get improved performance. So it’s not surprising that when the aforementioned points are enhanced, you’ll also notice a smoother performance and a lower failure rate.

True Ambidextrous Versatility

​Even charging handles that have improved reliability compared to the stock might not enhance –or may even worsen–the plight of our southpaw brothers and sisters. Searching for a model that addresses this demand is a must.

Unique Designs

​You can find innovation anywhere, although on a charging handle. Rather than the usual standard hook-shaped handle or latch layout, a few have introduced different shapes. These can appeal to your individuality.

The Best 1022 Charging Handle Upgrades

In this guide, we will review a few popular charging handles known to enhance the visibility of your gun, whether you want to construct a plinker or a super-accurate tack driver.

Once we talk about charging handles, the industry usually offers two alternatives. The first is easier and cheaper, meaning that shooter can purchase only a oversized handle. The other solution is to obtain a cocking meeting kit, which comes with the extended handle and a guide pole with spring.

1. Force Productions Charging Handles

Truly durable construction
Smooth and dependable operation
Easy to set up, takes about a Couple of Minutes
Enables for dependable feeding with practically no jamming, actually
Some fitting may be required
It might be a struggle to install for some
Spring May Be a little too strong for some ammo

What Recent Buyers Report
A lot of new customers were content with the charging handle. Across lots of these, they were able to match this in nearly any Ruger 10/22 gun (even older versions ). They reported that the charging handle had been easy moving and did not jam them on at any given time.

Why it Stands Out to Us
This charging handle is created from stainless steel but it also contains another sort of steel that’s even more demanding. The pin which is included with the charging handle is made out of carbon steel, that is proven to accept all sorts of impact and abuse. It is so tough it will be really difficult to wear down over time. In the beginning, Force Production’s main business was non-competition custom items like parts such as your Ruger 10/22, however now Force’s production is technical in exceptionally accurate 10/22 along with Remington 700 actions parts.
Force Generation’s charging handle is machined from 303 stainless steel and comes fully-assembled from the bundle with a guide pin and also additional power spring. The straightforward and classy-looking charging handle is immediately recognizable with its deep grooves that make it easy to grasp for fast manipulation without any fumbling to get the handle.
Unlike the original OEM part, the Force charging handle slides onto a tempered carbon steel rod, enabling much smoother. Flawless cycling and enhanced feeding without bending or bending. Due to the exceptionally powerful steel guide pin, the Force device operates more consistently from round to round and is far less finicky about trapping ammo loads.
While many agree that this lengthy charging handle is much more comfortable to work with compared to stock charging handle, there are a number of negative comments on demanding grooves with sharp edges on those handles. Additionally, some users complain about the more powerful spring. It makes it much more difficult to pull back than the standard Ruger 10/22, making it tougher for the ordinary 22LR ammo to drive the bolt all the way backagain.
Total, the Force Generation item is one of the best-looking extended charging handles for your Ruger 10/22.

Who Will Use This Nearly?
This is used across many Ruger 10/22 rifles. Even older versions will profit from having a newer charging handle installed. Users that want something smooth in performance and large in quality will get it with this specific charging handle, together with easy feeding and shooting moment.
What Can Be Improved and Why
A potential improvement would be to make the spring somewhat less powerful than it’s now. In this manner, it might handle and firing off ammo. The spring may be a little too heavy for some 10/22 rounds like the 22LR. A spring that is milder will make it less of a problem.
Bottom Line This may act as a excellent replacement for your default charging handle.

2. KIDD Innovative Layout – Ruger 10/22 Charging Handle

Smooth operation and moving
Fits almost any Ruger 10/22 rifle
Simple to set up, takes a Couple of Minutes
Excellent as a substitute charging gathering

What Present Buyers Report
As anticipated, many users could set up this easily on most Ruger 10/22 rifles. They were able to prick the gun back and forth, resulting in feeding once installed. This remained consistent for quite some time without any lubrication or stiffness needed, according to one user. Apart from that reported the bolt was rather durable.

Why it Stands Out to Us
This assembly consists of extra springs which allow for most .22 rounds to load with no jamming or reliability difficulties. The spring is at a moderate weight that is enough to handle all sorts of rounds. This is some charging handles have fallen short on due to the spring being too weak or too strong.
While you’re researching an aftermarket stock for Ruger 10/22, it is almost inevitable that you will come across KIDD Innovative Style from McQuenney, TX. This manufacturer of parts became renowned in 2000 when they introduced the trigger.
KIDD produces reliable and accurate match-grade goods for the 10/22 rifle, and also its own high-quality bolt handle charging assembly is no exception. The KIDD charging assembly is completely compatible with stock 10/22 parts and is offered in a number of combinations and finishes. KIDD’s bundle consists of a handle, manual pole, and three springs.
Undoubtedly, the significant improvement over the factory equipment is the KIDD gives a choice of springs, giving the capacity to alter them to match the load and rifle.
The lengthy handle adds course as this meeting will supply you with a cozy bolt handle to grasp. It provides the feeling of a real charging handle and not an airsoft toy.
KIDD also provides several options of cylindrical cocking handles, including a Z-shape flute, six coils or one smooth one partially wrapped in Viton rubber. These beauties one of handles are all finely finished and all the Kidd bolt handles are .25″ more than the OEM handle, giving greater clearance for shooters with large scopes or large fingers.
If you are looking at a substitute charging/bolt handle for a 10/22, the Kidd Charging Assembly is a fantastic investment. Other aftermarket extended jelqing handles felt like glass compared to the gritty sandpaper texture of this stock charging handle.

Who Can Use This Most
This is used for general purposes. So, in other words, it reload effortlessly and then won’t be utilized for any purpose other than letting your Ruger 10/22 gun. In reality, if you are in a scenario where quick pruning and shooting are a must, this charging handle will surely give you the time and speed advantage.
What Could Be Improved and Why?
While there are no major cons to talk about, we still have a proposal. 1 thing which should be included are several springs that are extra. When it is time to replace the springs because of wear and tear these will be needed. While this may take some time for the set of springs to get to the point of uselessness, it is fantastic to know you have a pair of springs in case an unanticipated tragedy occurs.

Bottom Line
If you want a charging handle which has all of the fixings you need for reliable and smooth usage, the Kidd Bolt Handle Upgrade Assembly will probably be your cup of java. It’s durable, matches Ruger 10/22 rifles, and will be ideal for dependable and fast loading.

3. Ruger 10/22 Factory Charging Handle Replacement

Factory handle, so you know Precisely What you’re getting
Outstanding value makes it worth having as a backup for additional handles
Ruger did a Great job of designing a basic and universal factory charging handle
Nothing particular, it is what it is–a factory handle

What Recent Buyers Report
Lots of recent purchasers were searching for a factory replacement which was a much better update to their factory-issued charging handle. They found this to be simpler and more dependable . 1 user said his factory default would consistently stick and have consistently stiff moves. After it was substituted by him on this, it was an issue.
Clearly, not everybody is going to be pleased with a factory default charging handle, therefore this was created right down to the letter. The distinction is that it provides performance and simpler loading for most Ruger 10/22 rifles. Yes, the elderly rifles will profit from this mill replacement.
The stock mill replacement of this Ruger 10/22 cocking handle or charging handle is a great choice for all those that are already utilized to the device and simply require a new one. While it does not provide you features or the ergonomics of alternatives, it’s a far better charging handle in design than several other weapons offer, like the AR-15.
It’s made of solid steel and feels very heavy. Often, the only real time customers need to purchase a new mill charging handle replacement is if the original has been lost by them. This durability is very good for a stock thing.
One thing most clients should know about if considering an upgrade over the default stock charging handle is the simple fact that most upgrades have a tendency to get a larger handle. If you will need a handle, that’s fantastic.
However, many gun owners do not realize how much larger some handles can be and expect the handles to have enhanced ergonomics, just to become disappointed when it doesn’t fit into their hand well. The stock Ruger 10/22 charging handle is made to be comfortable for many consumers as you can, and therefore, will become more comfortable for a gun owners who have smaller hands.
Overall, we think the stock charging handle on the Ruger 10/22 is a more lasting product, although it might not be the best around for everyone’s special tastes or needs, it is much better than another stock parts on many guns. The Ruger Stock Charging Handle is incredibly affordable to get a mill component, meaning it is a smart investment to buy a stock spare in the event that you plan on using a different handle.
As you introduce new characteristics and parts, there is an elevated likelihood of something going wrong. Therefore, even if a different handle has a warrantyyou’ll want to have an old Ruger 10/22 factory charging handle substitute.
Who Can Use This Most
This is used by a lot of Ruger 10/22 customers who are new owners for those who have owned the same gun for many years. Since it is a factory replacement, it will be employed by those who no longer want to rely upon their disappointing factory-issued charging handle. It is even stricter in construction too, so no jamming or reliability difficulties that are other.
What Can Be Improved and ? Thus shortening the duration of this, just a hair could be a fantastic idea. As it will not be able to cock all the way for a number of 27, In this manner you won’t run into lots of jamming issues. The last thing you want is to deal.
The Ruger 10/22 Factory Replacement Charging Handle will probably be precisely what you need in case you need an upgrade from the dull, undependable factory default charging handle. If you want smooth, durable, and effortless loading, this might be the charging handle which will do just that. Why look elsewhere when you can go straight to the origin?
Until you purchased your Ruger 10/22 second-hand with a changed charging handle, you’re probably familiar with this mill handle. It is reliable, simple, and affordable. It is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is a sensible item to buy as a backup.

4. Superior Concepts Charging handle

Effortless to set up
Entire package
Aesthetically pleasing
Great value for money
Grooved to get a better grasp
Might require fitting
Does not fit all 10/22 models

What Present Buyers Report
A great deal of recent buyers were satisfied with this. They were able to utilize this effortlessly and it allowed them rapid loading and performance for almost every application. One user said the operation has been smooth like butter and it did not stick on him.
This charging handle reveals itself as a good unit that permits smooth firing ability for your Ruger 10/22. It also stands out as a unit, enabling the Ruger 10/22 to shoot up with no single instance of jamming to 50 rounds.
Superior Concepts is a producer that thrives on exceptional products and currently offers bolt handle with the complete assembly. This company was established in 2005 and also their charging-handle meeting is CNC-machined from 303 stainless steel. Superior is an American firm, based in Donald, Oregon.
The glistening guide pole is precision-machined out of 1144 stress-proof steel into an exacting tolerance of within 0.001″ and combined with a high quality spring to operate perfectly and enhance feeding with all ammunition types.
As many versatile shooters understand, almost all Rimfire mechanics are based on a straight blowback activity at which you can add a limited amount of mass to the breech block/bolt to provide the right weight and balance for dependable, trouble-free functioning.
The engineers out of Superior Concepts managed to look for a bolt handle gathering that guarantees appropriate lock period to get the 22LR grade and allows biking. This extended handle with an oversize round surface supports a positive traction through clearing or fast-action.
The huge knob definitely supplies a charging handle which people with stocky hands may grasp firmly. The item looks good and feels solid.
The maker claims the meeting comes prepared to fall into the 10/22 activity without a fitting or gunsmithing. This charging handle might require fitting for a stock 10/22 receiver.

Who Can Use This
If you’re trying to find a charging handle which will present your Ruger 10/22 a leg up in its shooting capability this charging handle will give you dependable service whenever you need it the most.

What Could Be Improved
This appears to be compatible with Ruger 10/22 rifles that were made after 2005. So it may not be acceptable for rifles. A product such as this ought to be compatible with all rifles, so some potential click of the steel rod to ensure a perfect match may be in the cards.
Bottom Line If you’re looking for a charging handle that will make you locked, cocked, and ready to go, then this one may be up your alley.
The SS Charging Handle is a bit extended to provide you with a much better grasp when charging. It’s durable and simple to install. Plus, the contents contained in the bundle make it a fantastic deal for the money.

5.JWH Custom CNC Oversized Black Handle .22LR Ruger 10/22 10 22

Effortless to install
Super lasting
Simple to catch and prick back
Fits older Ruger 10/22 versions
Larger and Far More reliable than any additional stock handle
Might be somewhat smaller than Anticipated
Slightly stiff initially
Some matching may be needed for a few users
What Recent Buyers Report They said they could install this with ease without needing to be concerned about any fitting. Once installed, this charging handle was simple to move about and allowed for loading. 1 user said through 50 or so rounds, so he’d no jamming issues to speak of.
This charging handle is best used for tackling 22LR rounds readily. Several other charging handles on the record were either too strong or too feeble to handle these types of rounds. This is somewhat bigger in size compared to a number of the charging handles, thus rendering it a little more easy to run.
JWH is another American company, located in Torrance, California. You should check out their laser-etching support, if you truly like to customize your weapons – they will put virtually anything about a brand fresh bolt.
This handle can be obtained individually. It seems to be a great addition and functions well, providing easy, easy action. It’s somewhat longer than the OEM handle, therefore it works nicely for people who are looking for a better grip.
The one issue with this piece is the fact that it tends to work its way outside. It’s easy to fix with just a little Loctite, however.
Who Will Use This Most
This will be used by those who have a Ruger 10/22 and require a charging handle which is larger than the typical size. This will be a charging handle that can work to your benefit if you’ve tried charging handles on your rifle but it could not handle some of those 22LR rounds you’ve been dying to flame off on a normal basis.
What Could Be Improved and Why?
Some have complained about the substances feeling a little soft and cheap. So to rectify that, the spring and a number of the components may be a little sturdier. The spring should be a touch stronger anyways to handle different kinds of .22 grade rounds.
Bottom Line
If you want a charging handle that’s nothing like others in design, the JWH Custom CNC Oversized Black Handle will unquestionably be an ideal match for your Ruger 10/22. Even though it might be a little big, it makes it a little easier to work with than some other handles.

Replacing your charging handle is an exceptional way to reduce frustration and prevent failure.However, the majority of people haven’t completed it, so read on and reference our included video to understand how to replace the lackluster stock charging handle.

  • As always, ensure your gun is unloaded.
  • Remove the barreled receiver from the stock.
  • Remove the trigger casing by shoving out the pins
  • Punch the pin at the back of the receiver outside.
  • Twist down the receiver upside down and then push the bolt from the receiver.
  • Clean the vacant receiver of any grime.
  • Drop the bolt handle and recoil rod assembly into place, being sure the back of the recoil rod is recorded in the receiver’s notch.
  • Dip the bolt back and retract the bolt handle so the bolt must drop onto notches from the handle.
  • Mount the barreled receiver into the stock, and you’re done!


An updated charging handle will assist with the simplicity and comfort of using the Ruger 10/22. There are several great options on the market. So once you’re ready to begin customizing, have a look and find out what will serve you best!

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