Best Ruger 10/22 Receivers You Can Upgrade To

Your 10/22 is modifiable when it comes to upgrades. Here you will find out about what to look for in a receiver, and a number of the best 10/22 receivers offered in the market.

A receiver is among the basic parts of a rifle, so it has to be ideal. You will learn the difference between different kinds of receivers and the way to go for an one for your rifle.

What is a Receiver?

The receiver will be a home which engulfs the primary parts of a gun and assists it to operate correctly. In other terms, the receiver houses the significant components of a rifle such as the trigger assembly, bolt, hammer, charging rod and violation. Basically it is referred to as a receiver as it receives the ammo and fires .

Most guns have only 1 receiver, while many guns (including the AR-15) have lower and upper receivers. In semi automatic pistols, the receiver is known as the’frame’.

In accordance with the U.S Law, the receiver is considered to be that the firearm itself. It is known as a’controlled part’ because laws control it. Producers must engrave a serial number on every finished receiver. This makes it compulsory to pass a history check before purchasing a receiver.

It’s also very important to understand , that there is also a variation of receivers that can be found on the market called 80% receivers’ or’incomplete receivers’ or’blanks’. These are sold need to be completed by the buyer and unfinished by sellers himself. These receivers are to assist buyers skip the need for a background check with finished receivers.

Badly-machined receivers can affect the truth and performance of your rifle. From time to time, factory receivers include a twisted barrel hole. This may create your zero change that is horizontal . Additionally, upgrades like a Picatinny rail at the top and also a rear cleaning hole can compel people to purchase new receivers.

If a receiver is not machined properly, you will confront problems with each operation, from cycling to charging.

Advantages of Upgrading Your Receiver

Whether you’re wanting to update a receiver within an current gun or build one from scratch, then there are many aftermarket 10/22 receivers to select from. The benefits of an aftermarket receiver can be aesthetic or functional. Finish or A different material can offer your 10/22 a more appearance that is unique. Color choices can range to bright aluminum, strategic finishes, or any colour .

On the more practical side, an aftermarket receiver may come with features you do not get onto the factory models. A feature one of these is that a rail to get customizable sighting. This gives you the option of scope rings, red dot or holographic sights, as well as peep sights. Aftermarket 10/22 receivers are available with both Picatinny and rails. Another possible draw for aftermarket receivers is that a more or bigger ergonomic charging handle. This can be a big aid in competition shooting.

Finally, if you’re a lefty, and you also do not enjoy hot facial shells bouncing off your head, what could be greater than an aftermarket receiver with left-hand side ejection.

Review of the Best 10/22 Receivers Available on the Marketplace

The 1022 receivers below are now the best in the marketplace. Each has a full review and provides more information about each receiver. Keep reading below for the reviews.

1. BRN-22 Stripped Receiver

Precision-Manufactured from High-Grade Aluminum Alloy
Barrel-Accurizing V-Block and Screws Included
Demands FFL

What Recent Buyers Report
The majority of the new users were satisfied with this receiver’s durability and capability to set up in just seconds. They were buying this as an upgrade that allowed them to install any extra accessories and internal parts which were vital to their rifle general functionality and performance. Thus far, they were able to put everything together without any fitting or issues.
This is a very good value 10/22 receiver designed to be completely compatible with original and aftermarket 10/22 components. Brownells contains these receivers precision-manufactured out of 6061 aluminum, that have great mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. The finish both inside and outside is smooth.
This anodization fits other components well and resembles the finish on many AR receivers.
An integral quality of the BRN-22 is that the cleaning pole hole in the rear of the receiver. This allows you to clean your face and chamber the ideal way, by the trunk, where you don’t run the chance of nicking the muzzle crown and thus lowering your accuracy. There are two variations of this receiver.
The scope mounting holes on the BRN-22 are exactly the exact same in size and place as those around the Ruger factory originals. Another version has a Picatinny rail cut into the top. This permits you to mount modern sighting choices.

Who Will Use This Most
This is going to be a good stripped receiver for any shot seeking to make an update from a mill default to something greater. This may work good for anyone creating a 10/22 rifle. If you’re seeking a quick upgrade or something which will be satisfying for the hobbyist, this might be the receiver which will work best for you.

Bottom Line
The attractiveness of a stripped receiver is the fact that it lets you choose your internal components and barrel without needing any parts . The machining of the receiver provides the tolerances necessary for the best precision and best compatibility with different components.
No matter which barrel you pick, the V-block with all the BRN-22 can help align and accurize it. Meanwhile, the rear cleaning rod hole will prevent you from losing accuracy by damaging your muzzle.
The choice of scope ring holes or Picatinny rail allows you to go with the slick traces of the original or the flexibility of mounting any sight accessible.

2. Ruger 10/22 Receiver Parts Kit Less Trigger

Good Value for the Price
First Ruger Factory Components
More than 50 Years of Proven Reliability
Trigger Meeting Not Included

What Present Buyers Report
In accordance with new users, they stated that it was perfect for meeting functions. The trigger had no grit with every pull and contained in this kit was easy. 1 user stated that it did not take them long to set it. He said once everything was set in place, his gun was functional with these components compared to his mill default receivers.
It is really a stripped receiver that has some of the much-needed parts included. All you have to do is install these parts and will definitely stand out as the accessory that will enhance your Ruger 10/22 rifle general functionality. If you are planning to construct a habit 10/22 and make it look as mean and tactical as you can, it is possible to do so utilizing all aftermarket components. Some elements, like the ones in this kitand the aesthetics of the gun, do not add anything or much together.
All these are the factory first Ruger internal receiver components. They’ve been made much exactly the same way for more than fifty years. There is not much reason to pay additional for aftermarket internal parts that can cost considerably longer without including any functionality that is actual. This parts kit will do a job at a affordable price.
You do not need specialized tools or gunsmithing skills to assemble a 10/22. You just require a screwdriver, a hex key, and a punch. This kit includes a bolt assembly, charging handle and spring, and bolt stop pin, along with 2 receiver cross pins.

Who Will Use This Most
This will stand out like the go-to option for those who need a stripped receiver and only a couple of additional parts to go along with this because a package deal. This is perfect if you are among the many buyers looking for a receiver to the Ruger 10/22, however looking for a solution that will stand out better than the typical cheap-o receiver.

Bottom Line
If you want to find a reliable and inexpensive custom 10/22 build up and running, this second-hand, factory original receiver parts kit is a solid option. Apart from the charging handle, all components make no difference to a rifle and are internal. With over decades of use at America’s most popular rifle, this kit has passed the test of time.
The beauty of fixing or building your own rifle with original 10/22 parts is that you don’t need technical tools. Whether repairing grandpa’s old gun up or constructing your own strategic, futuristic 10/22, these pieces are an ideal fit. It might not be advisable to keep a place as a backup in case you face any problems with your own gun.

The items below are solid picks to choose from, but they’re often out of stock and difficult to discover. We’d suggest going with the two options listed above first.

3. Tactical Solutions X-Ring 10/22 Receiver

This receiver is a masterpiece in exactly the manufacturer. The receiver also includes a stainless steel bolt for accuracy. The dual spring guide rod provides versatility to the bolt mechanism and boosts the recoil and cycling of rounds.
It also comes with a pre-drilled hole in the rear end, making cleaning the receiver and the barrel easier. The pre-installed Picatinny rail allows you to connect your optics to the rifle without difficulty.
The receiver weighs only one pound, so it doesn’t increase the weight of the 10/22. The only disadvantage of this X-ring receiver is the price, which is almost equal to that of a brand new Ruger 10/22 rimfire rifle.10

4. Volquartsen 10/22 Receiver

What Recent Buyers Report
New consumers were predators which were utilizing their Ruger 10/22 to knock varmint and big game aims. They said that this receiver was ideal because of its lightweightdurability, and the way it can handle numerous barrels. Overall, the install took a couple of minutes with no additional fitting required.
The Volquartsen 10/22 receiver can be CNC machined from high quality 416 stainless steel billets. It’s been built to match the aftermarket parts available for the Ruger 10/22 rifle. The pins and barrel meeting holes have been located to match perfectly. A full size Weaver-style base has been installed so you can mount your own optical sights.
The artificial recoil buffer contained at the receiver reduces the recoil and makes the activity less noisy. The receiver also offers the newest tapered cone bushing setup system, which prevents downward canting, which is very typical with 10/22 barrel setup. The receiver can be used with almost any 10/22 barrel leading to a concentric tight fit of the activity together with the barrel. This is an entire receiver so you have to ensure that you have a Federal Firearms License, or that it is being ordered by you through a trader using FFL license.

Who Can Use This Most
This really is a terrific receiver that will be useful across various software. Above all, if you’re a hunter or some casual target shooter you will probably use this. It’s a unit which is going to be a considerable update compared to older, undependable factory defaults.
If you want a easy 10/22 receiver, then this really is exactly what the doctor ordered. There is. Plus it might last you a very long time if you take care of it together with the rest of your rifle.

5. Brownells – BRN-22 Barreled Receiver For Ruger 10/22

Characteristics a Rear Cleaning Opening to Avoid Damaging the Muzzle Crown
Provides You the Choice of Ten-Inch or Sixteen-Inch Barrels in Either Sporter or Heavy Goal Weights
Optionally Comes With a Full-Length Picatinny Rail and also a Smooth Top Drilled and Tapped for Conventional 10/22 Rings
You Need To Attach the Barrel your self But This is Not a Difficult Procedure

What Recent Buyers Report
This was a godsend based on a number of the newest users. That’s because the addition of the barrel along with the receiver itself has been appreciated and it saves them a whole lot of money and time that would have gone to wasting it and spending an arm and a leg in the process. 1 user said that the quality of the barrel was tough and very hard to damage.
Brownells is among America’s largest firearms retailers, and as such, they’ve seen it all within this area. This provides them the knowledge and capacity to produce elements and some remarkable firearms of their own. They got the market data to understand what people need, such as what people want at a 10/22 receiver.
This barrel is fantastic for people who intend to customize their Ruger 10/22 rifles for their benefit. If you anticipate adding accessories such as optics, sights, as well as muzzle brakes then you’ll want a receiver that will stand out as the odds-on favorite.
One huge bonus included on this receiver is an target-quality barrel. Actually, you have the selection of a ten-inch or sixteen-inch average weight sporter barrel or some heavy target barrel. The sixteen-inch alternative can help you get the velocity out of your shots, but you will appreciate the shorter duration, if you plan to take your 10/22 through brush.
All barrel options are threaded for the accouterment of your pick. The receiver comes drilled and drilled for regular 10/22 scope rings or using a full size Picatinny rail. 1 aspect of this device is the cleanup opening drilled to the back of the receiver. This enables the bore to clean without damaging the muzzle crown, and which might influence accuracy.

Who Can Use This Most
That is the best receiver that it is possible to find if you want not only the receiver itself but also the barrel to cooperate with it. After you’ve installed everything set up you’ll be very impressed with this. With exceptional quality and so many options as far as updating is concerned, this receiver takes the cake — frosting and all.

Bottom Line
The BRN-22 Barreled Receiver may be the receiver of selection which will save you time and money on specific components and accessories. When you install this, do not be surprised if you wind up getting a boost in precision. Regarding the way you can customize your own rifle, plus, you have a good deal of alternatives available.
Brownells has used their expertise to give a terrific product with all the choices you want to make the ideal 10/22 for youpersonally.

6. Nodak Spud NDS-22 10/22 Receiver

The horizontal design of this top lets proper meeting of different optic scope foundations such as the Weaver 63 scope foundation. A compatible Picatinny rail can be utilized to achieve functionality very similar to an AR-15.
The receiver is also backed up by a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer. The receiver is easy to install and is ideal for target practice and shooting.

7. Grand Pros Action Receiver

The Grand Pros Action receiver is just another incredible alternative for updating your 10/22 receiver. CNC machined from Aerospace grade 6061 billet aluminum, so the receiver includes a patented spring-assisted magazine-release characteristic with the Grand Masters trigger assembly. Don’t worry though; this additional feature won’t dissuade you from utilizing trigger assemblies.

This receiver also includes a rear-cleaning access port with a traditional cap that may be easily popped outside for cleaning your rifle properly. It has a matte black finish, which goes nicely with whatever colors you’ve mixed on your customized gun. You also have the freedom to attach scope mount rails, compatible with the 10/22 on the top of the receiver.
Besides that, the Grand Pros Action receiver was priced appropriately, therefore it does not damage your pocket as much as some other versions.

What to Look For When Buying a Receiver?

The receiver is among the most significant parts of the rifle. As it is considered to be the firearm you should get a receiver attentively.
Receivers are manufactured from steel or aluminum. Both of these substances have different attributes and effects. Talking about the 10/22, the receiver of the rifle is manufactured by aluminum. It has become the identical material as the advent of the 10/22.
One of the most common problems with the receivers is breaking. While it’s not a commonly-seen issue using the 10/22, it’s still worth being aware of.
Since the receiver is constructed of aluminum, it may endure a crack from the insistent effect of the bolt with all the bolt stop pin (bolt buffer snare ). The bolt stop pin is what takes the impact of the bolt following firing a shot. Now, some aftermarket manufacturers have produced polymer and tempered rubber bolt buffer hooks. A little is compressed by these hooks upon impact, thus reducing the recoil and making the action quieter.
Aluminium has been utilized as a standard material for manufacturing 10/22 mill receivers. This material is lightweight, and that decreases the overall weight of the gun. Also, aluminum is a corrosion resistant material. This makes sure that your receiver does not rust even after storage.
On the other hand, aluminum is a light substance which could crack after protracted use of the rifle. Aluminium receivers cannot be utilized to fire BMG shots, also shouldn’t be utilized for barrels.
Stainless steel receivers, on the other hand, can be employed with bull barrels and high-caliber ammo. It can resist the stress that is greater and recoil produced by rounds. These receivers can be used for shooting because the weight of steel can help variables.
The dilemma is metal receivers is they are vulnerable to rust if not maintained correctly. Additionally, the extra weight of the 10/22 makes it somewhat bulky.
Ruger markets some of its 10/22 as stainless steel models, but they are actually aluminum receivers which have been anodized to match stainless steel.
Apart from the importance difference in makeup, you should also search for traits such as an extra rail on the top and an additional clearing gap on the back of the receiver.


A receiver is the primary part of a rifle. Before buying a receiver, you have to check its material, the production procedure, mounting rails and compare the cost. A nice receiver should resist decades of use without cracking.
If you’re pleased with the current precision and performance of your rifle, you don’t need to spend money on receivers since they’re quite expensive. If you’re wanting to improve your rifle you ought to consider changing your receiver for enhanced accuracy.

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