Best Scope Mounts and Rings For Ruger 10/22

The Ruger 10/22 is a must-have gun due to its accuracy and range. The receiver of the Ruger 10/22 is composed of aluminum whereas the screws on it’s made from steel.

This could leave you with the choice between leaving your scope a bit loose, or peeling of the threads of this receiver.

Instead of damaging your rifle with the scope mount that comes included, you should consider an upgrade.

Why is it Important to Have a Great Scope Mount and Rings?

A good scope mount could make the difference between missing the goal entirely and hitting on the bullseye. A scope mount fixes the receiver of the rifle and enables you align your scope with the barrel. It essentially forms the base on your scope. The scope rings can mounted onto the scope mount.

A fantastic scope gives just enough vision to you which it is possible to see everything yet focus on the goal perfectly. Using the correct mount and rings, then you’re going to be able to keep that view steady and get the true shot you require.

Alignment is Crucial

Before bending the scope, the positioning of the scope is checked with respect to the rifle. Employing a slope indicator or a flat does this. After aligning the scope, the screws in the end are bolted in with nags simply to be certain that alignment does not move.

A fantastic scope mount does not move or change its own alignment and keeps itself and the rifle closely stuck together. Superior rings on a stable mount grip the scope in position while allowing you to pull the scope back as far as possible to have sufficient eye relief.

What to Be Aware of

Among the most common mistakes Ruger 10/22 rifle owners earn while purchasing scope mounts and rings is denying about the burden. If you wish to bring a scope on your rifle it is going to weigh a bit alone.

The scope mount along with the rings are going to add a bit to it too. That’s more weight that you hold while at shooting position. You do not want to undermine the functioning of the scope nor its equilibrium.

But if you include your Ruger 10/22 and a whole great deal of fat is going to be a issue. So, instead of buying heavier scope mounts and scope rings you want lighter yet stronger mounts. This could be achieved with the weaver kind aluminum mounts.

Other than that, most mounts tend to become over a time period. This might be as little as a few hours of shooting. The reason for screws becoming loose isn’t fixable with Loctite or thread lock. It is about the sort of material you’re using as scope mount. Ribbon lock and loctite do help a fantastic deal but there’s a limit to.

What the Pros Use

You do exactly what they do or understand from one, if you wish to become a pro. A few scope mounts don’t even match onto the Ruger 10/22 rifle. Instead of giving you control at your goal, a few kinds of scope mounts jumble it up . A scope and barrel is one of the dominant reasons behind it.

Benefits of Updating Your 10/22 Scope and Rings

Are you currently considering finally swapping out the stock scope and rings onto your Ruger 10/22, but not sure you’re prepared to commit? We have outlined the best reasons you ought to go on and take the plunge.

Better Accuracy, better View

Sure, it is the clear reason, but let’s be fair. The stock scope and rings, or even some cheap 1″ tubing, might be the cheap route, but if you intend to do over take headphones, you will need something better. You’ll never understand what you’re missing until you’ve got a better perspective –kind of like a person saying they don’t need prescription eyeglasses, as they can still theoretically see without them.

You Do Not Need to Spend a Lot

Admittedly, there are a number of scopes we would all like to wake on Christmas morning, however they do not all have to charge you a second mortgage. We have got scopes on our listing that price barely over a dinner for two, and dare we saya better scope will nourish you greater in the long run.

Improved Durability‚Äč

Among the most frequent reasons people don’t upgrade their scope or rings, or end up with a inexpensive substitute, is that they’re easy to replace cheap, low-quality scopes as well as rings. Who wants to continue doing this? Get something that will last, or also provides a lifetime guarantee for a couple dollars more.


Do you shoot in low-light conditions? Do you find yourself changing from short to long variety? No matter your requirements, each scope offers unique features. Your stock option is really a one-size-fits-all option when you got it whose sole advantage is being contained in your weapon.

Listed below is a list of these six best 10/22 scope mounts and rings that are now on the marketplace. As you look through every one, it is important to note all the features and attributes. This way, you get a great idea of which you may be the closest to your ideal scope mount.

Best 10/22 Scope Mounts

Below are a few of the few best scope mounts used by shooters at the range. Now, let’s visit the listing by displaying our first item

1. Tactical Solutions – Ruger 10/22 Picatinny Scope Mount


Simple To Install

Super Strong Durability


Great Enough Length For Scopes Which Have Long Eye Relief


It May Be a Bit Challenging To Install

May Be Little Too Long For Some Rifles

What Buyers Report

A good deal of recent buyers were pleased with this scope mount. They could attach their scope of selection. One user stated that he’s a rifle scope which had some long eye relief and also desired a mount with sufficient space for him to utilize it to his advantage. This mount gave him exactly what he wanted.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The scope mount is long enough to take on rifle scopes. In regards to recoil Some of the 10/22 rifles pack a punch. So it is going to take a particular scope mount to accept particular scopes which will avoid that dreaded scope eye from happening (i.e–long eye relief scopes). The mount itself consists of high-quality aluminum, which is demonstrated to be impervious and super durable to some effect.

This really is a lightweight, aluminum scope that fits around the 10/22. The scope mount is so mild you don’t even feel that the difference in this rifle’s weight. It doesn’t move in any way, providing you a superior stability for your scope – and your aim.

The holders within this one are in the edge of the mount instead of throughout. This gives it a look that is terrific. It’s notched at various points so you have the freedom to lock down rings, and therefore the scope, in any stage.

Who Will Use This Nearly

This will most likely be connected. A great deal of rifle scopes are intended for hunting big game. Plus, they’re a little too long for many scope mounts. So this is the place where the Tactical Solutions Picatinny Scope Mount shines the brightest.

What Can Be Improved

Not a lot can be said on what requires improvement. But some screws must be contained in case of the rail not remaining in place . Also, the original pair of screws may not be in the best shape (almost to the point of not having the ability to secure the gun correctly ).

Bottom Line

The Tactical Solutions Picatinny Scope Mount has proven itself to be a trusted scope mount for any 10/22. Pick the scope you’ll be able to rely on and you may make confident that you can attach it to mount.

2. Weigand Combat – Ruger 10/22 Tactical Picatinny Scope Mount


Super Durable Quality

Accepts Scopes

Simple To Install On Rifles


Some Fitting May Be Needed

A Few Scopes May Not Be Easy To Attach

It May Be a Bit Difficult To Install For Some Users

What Buyers Report

This scope mount was a hit with buyers that are recent. A whole great deal of them were able to attach their gun scopes to it over a few minutes. After all was said and donethey could see a increase in accuracy. In general they were satisfied with the quality and easy installation capability of the scope mount itself.

It Stands Out to Us

You’re managing a scope mount that’s long enough to take on any sort of rifle scope that many average mounts neglect to carry on. This includes scopes with longer eye relief (like your scout scopes). Other than that, if you want a scope mount which will lessen the risk of scope eye (therefore why eye support exists in the first place) then this is a prime example of that sort of mount.

The Weigand Combat Scope Mount is made up of an aluminum chemical instead of pure aluminum that was soft. This provides it with greater rigidity and durability. The holes in the scope mount are aligned perfectly with the receiver onto the rifle.

The scope takes both Picatinny and weaver style rings. It’s a higher elevation at the base leading to better alignment of this scope together using the barrel

Who Will Use This Nearly

This will definitely stand out among the best scope mounts that’ll be utilized for any kind of purpose. Target shooting, hunting, and so on. Since it will have the ability to take many scopes that can be approved on each a Weaver or Picatinny rail, it makes it a whole lot simpler to use.

What Why and Could Be Improved

A possible improvement idea would be to add another set of holes. It can add a while, but it is going to give you a better chance of more scopes. A number of those scopes won’t be properly aligned with the mount . But that issue can be fixed by another group of additional holes.

Bottom Line

In case you’ve got a Weaver harmonious scope or something which will easily fit on a Picatinny rail, then the Weigand Combat 10/22 scope mount could just be precisely what you’re searching for. No matter what the purpose, you’ll have a mount that’ll hold a scope firmly in place and avoid any kind of wiggle room from happening.

3. Dlask Arms


Simple To Install

Super Durable Construction

Accepts Lots of Rifle Scopes

Affordable For Budgets

Keeps Many Scopes in Place, Doesn’t Permit For Wiggle Room


It May Be a Challenge To Install

May Not Accept Some Rifle Scopes

Some Were Not Happy With the End

What Buyers Report

Most recent purchasers were satisfied on this scope mount. Once they connected their scopes, they noticed there was no wiggle room. One user stated that the scope mount is really tough that in place, his own zero settings stayed after almost 100 rounds. He expects it to be the same after 1000 rounds.

It Stands Out to Us

This scope mount is by far one of the scope mounts available on the marketplace, and yet, it functions as if it wants to have a higher price tag. If you want something affordable, but has quality and a performance for this you know for certain it is a must-have. Particularly in the event that you would like to save money without sacrificing quality.

Dlask Arms’ Scope Mount is another aluminum-based scope mount. The scope has a Picatinny slot to get easier and quicker adjustments about the rings. The scope mount goes over the barrel for more eye relief or might be reversed for shorter eye relief.

The scope mount has three degree alterations and flexibility allowing a variety of scopes.

Who Can Use This Nearly

This may be used across many applications. Therefore, if you hunt, shoot at goals, compete in shooting contests or anything else, then that scope mount will probably serve you the best in the long run. It is sturdy enough and can handle most rifle scopes that can utilize almost any Ruger 10/22 rifle on the market.

What Can Be Improved and

This scope ought to have the capacity to take Weaver-style scopes. Yes, this will only accept scopes compatible with a Picatinny rail. To get a scope mount to make cheap, it also has the potential to be flexible.

Bottom Line

If you want a scope that is affordable, sturdy, and can keep a whole lot of scopes in place securely subsequently the DLASK Arms Ruger 10/22 Picatinny Scope Mount will be up your alley. This might have a price that is affordable, but do not you write this off as something cheap and flimsy.

Top Rings For Your Scope Mount

In choosing rings to your mount, you have terrific choices as well. You need to make sure to get ones that will match your scope then will lock it down tight into the mount.

Here are our tips.

You can find more in depth reviews of each one of the scope mount rings mentioned previously.

1. Burris Signature Rings


Super Durable Construction

Can a Great Job Maintaining Scopes in Place

Perfect Alignment, It Doesn’t Find Crooked At All


Setup Might Be a Challenge

May Not Fit Larger Objective Scopes

Adjustments Can Be a Little Difficult At First

What Recent Buyers Report

Most buyers were searching for a scope mount that has been considered to be trusted. These scope rings from Burris didn’t disappoint them. The majority of the buyers were able to attach their 1-inch scopes . No wiggle room was reported and the zero settings on their scopes stayed undamaged following 500 rounds.

It Stands Out to Us

Scope rings have long been relied upon. For many generations, they had been commonplace on many hunting rifles. These scope rings are somewhat sturdier, easier to install, and will absorb a fantastic amount of shock and recoil in comparison with those rings of ages past. Aside from that, these rings, in particular, do a fantastic job keeping a rifle scope straight and stop any wiggling.

These rings provide heights from 0.18″ to 0.42″, measured from mount to bottom of your scope. The wing enables adjustment for windage. They use the double-dovetail layout which will help stop offset because of recoil.

Who Will Use This Nearly

This scope mount will likely be used by seekers. Many target shooters will most likely have the best out of these scope mounts too while they’re simply firing goals off taking part or casually. Either way, it’ll be employed by people who want stability reliability, and accuracy for their own gun.

What Could Be Improved and Why

The adjustments for windage and elevation must be a little easier right out of the box. That way, you will have the ability to make adjustments on the fly in the event the scope seems to be a bit out of misery. The easier you are able to adjust with tools that are fewer, the better it will be.

Bottom Line

The Burris Signature Rings will have its own place. Especially those who are a sucker for scope rings. Reliable for centuries, these kinds of mounts nevertheless prove they belong to rifles.

2. Leupold – PRW Wings


Fits Most 10/22 Rifles

Simple To Secure and Install

Super Durable Construction

Fits Most Scopes With Scopes Perfectly

Keeps Scopes In Place, No Looseness Or Moving Around


Screws Might Come Naked At Times

Some Scopes May Come Loose At Times

Some Alignment Issues Have Been Reported

What Buyers Report

A great deal of buyers were satisfied with this group of scope pearls. They could install this in a matter of a couple of moments. Once installedthey were able to match their scopes. Some of them had scopes with big goal (40mm or bigger ). One user said it is used by him to hunting deer and elk. He has had no complaints so far.

It Stands Out to Us

Once again, those scope rings are undoubtedly one of the most powerful available on the industry. They’re also one of the kinds of scope pearls. These were constructed for target and hunting shooting like nothing else. Therefore, if you’re looking for something where a scope might stay steady for as many uses as you can, then you will want a fantastic set of scope rings.

Leupold is known as a pioneer in the specialty. So may carry a little weight these rings are made of steel. At precisely exactly the exact same time, they comprise a square steel recoil lug to keep your scope . They’re simple to improve your mount and easy to fix once there.

Who Will Use This Nearly

This will be employed by people who are hunters and target shooters alike. These are scope rings you will need if you wish to keep your scopes secure for as long as possible. When it’s through thousands of years or rounds of support, all these scope rings can probably work to your benefit and keep your scope’s settings maintained rather than thrown off course.

What Why and Can Be Improved

A potential improvement is to incorporate some sort of modification which will allow you to keep the scope in case it somehow appears to be out of alignment. This wayyou can make easy adjustments on the fly when and if required.

Bottom Line

The Leupold PRW Rings will be hands down one of the best scope rings you’ll be able to put money into. Simply add these on your 10/22 rifle and you’ll have a good pair of rings that will last you years or perhaps years. With the ideal type of scope, an excellent boost will be received by your precision.

3. Weaver – Quad-lock Style Rings


Superb Durability

Super Tight Securing

Keeps Scopes In No Wiggling, Place

Simple To Adjust For Windage and Elevation


May Not Affect Some 10/22 Rifles

Installation May Be a Challenge To A Few

Some Larger Objective Scopes May Not Affect Properly With These Rings

What Buyers Report

A whole great deal of buyers were satisfied with those scope rings. They loved how sturdy they were and the rings could keep their scopes in place. 1 user said that he anticipates the scope’s zero settings to stay intact even.

Why it Stands Out to Us

These scope rings are by far one of the sturdiest on the market in terms of quality. They’re produced from high-quality aluminum that is impervious to some abuse and damage. Therefore, if you’re consistently throwing those on the ground, you will not be able to scuff them. Aside from the durability, then they allow your scope to be procured easily so it stays in place and remains shielded from shock through recoil.

It’s the brand that’s supplied the standard through recent years. Weaver continues to create high-quality equipment, and these mounts are no exception. This specific set of rings includes two clamps on each and every foundation, providing greater stability and clamping strain.

Weight’s not a problem here, since they are fashioned of aluminum, either.

Who Will Use This Most

This is used for general functions. In other words, if you have a scope to the 10/22 rifle which may be used for virtually anything, then these mounts will probably be put to great use. If you want the best in strength and dependability, no set of scope rings will probably come close to these.

What Why and Can Be Improved

The 1 improvement idea which we may think of would be to create some adjustments to allow for the fitting of scopes with larger objectives. Most seekers that are looking to reach their targets from long-range will often use scopes where objectives are 40mm wide or longer.

Bottom Line

If you want the scope rings at the organization, the Weaver Quad Lock Rings are living evidence. Especially if you need a scope mount which will work along with your Weaver rail. Locate the appropriate sort of scope and you’re ready to go.

The scope mount has slots where the foundation of these rings is fitted. However, the rings shouldn’t be mounted until the scope mount is fastened. Using thread locks does this. Only enough thread push and lock the screws . You do not want to go too hard, or you will wind up peeling the threads onto the receiver.

Allow the ribbon lock dry, also then leave the rifle there for about 6 to 8 hours daily. When you’ve made certain that the mount won’t move you can fix and tighten the rings up onto it. The scope is then positioned between the rings.


For improved aim, you will want a terrific scope. But you want to be certain that scope is suitably supported with its mount and rings. You cannot compromise on the quality of scope mount or rings to reduce weight. Even a scope will perform badly without a good mount. A great mount is going to continue to keep your custom 10/22 looking great and more importantly help you have truer goal.

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