9 Best 9mm Pistols in 2020 – Get the Greatest Option Today

Best 9mm Pistols

The 9mm Luger is one of the most famous rounds all over the world and there are thousands of options that are made for this round. In this article, you will find the reasons for having the 9mm rounds and what are the best 9mm pistols that you can get your hands on. 

Why Choose a Full Size 9mm Pistol


The 9mm rounds are generally smaller than calibers like .45 ACP and .40 S&W and other common cartridges. This means that the pistol can hold more rounds, which can be useful in many situations.


The cost of 9mm ammunition is usually cheaper than a common cartridge and it has high availability, making it cheap and easy to access. Honestly, what’s better than a loaded chamber that doesn’t break your bank?

Best 9mm Pistols – The Ultimate Guide

Now that you identified the benefits for having a 9mm handgun, here is a list of the best 9mm pistols that you can get your hands on.

1. Beretta 92FS


The Beretta 92FS is one of the most famous pistols in the world and definitely the best 9mm pistol on the market. This is a gun that you will commonly see in movies and it is the standard pistol for the U.S military since a long time ago. Even though the SIG Sauer P320 pistol was used as a replacement recently, this pistol still has the capability to get the job done. 

If you are a fan of double action/single action, hammer-fired pistols, you will definitely find yourself using this pistol from the Beretta 92 series for a long time. This 9mm pistol has a heavier weight than some other pistols but because of its weight, the recoil of the gun can also be reduced to a more manageable level. 

With the use of a metal frame, the weight of this pistol sits at 34.4 ounces and can handle the recoil better than many pistols that use a polymer frame. The Beretta 92 has a standard 15-round magazine capacity and extended magazines are available for you to fire up to 18 rounds of 9mm. 

This Beretta pistol may not have the size and weight to be used as a concealed carry gun, but it will definitely excel when used for other purposes. Not only is this pistol used in militaries, but it is also one of the best options for range shooting and home defense as well.  

You will like this product if:

  • You are looking for a heavier pistol that handles recoil very well. With its heavy construction, the gun is easier to shoot and can help to reduce the felt recoil of your shots. 
  • You want a reliable and durable gun. There are different finishes for different variants of the Beretta pistol and all of them are good enough to make sure that the gun can last. For example, the Beretta M9, a military version of the Beretta 92, can be used under different weather conditions and all models of the Beretta 92 series also have chrome-lined barrels that resist corrosion.  

You will not like this product if:

  • You prefer a gun that is lightweight and easy to carry around. The heavy frame that this handgun uses makes it heavier than others and is not the right handgun for you if you are looking for a 9mm handgun to be used as an everyday carry or concealed carry.

2. CZ 75 B


The CZ 75 B is the initial design of other variations that were made by CZ. This is a pistol that has taken aesthetics into account unlike some of its competition that focuses on functionality only. If you like a good looking and functional gun, this pistol by CZ will definitely be the right choice for you. 

One thing that some people may like it and some may not is the fact that it uses a stainless steel frame. The result of using a steel frame is the added weight and combined with its size, the CZ 75 B has little to no chance of being a concealed carry. However, weighing in at 32.2 ounces has its perks as well and that is reduced felt recoil which also makes shooting the gun a breeze. 

The 9mm CZ 75 B is equipped with three-dot sights and has a smooth and crisp single-action trigger. With this setup, firing some 9mm rounds at the shooting range can be done with exceptional accuracy. Besides that, the CZ 75 B is also a great option to be used as a home defense or combat weapon. 

You will like this product if:

  • You enjoy shooting pistols with low recoil. Since the CZ 75 B is made from a steel frame, it can help to absorb more recoil than polymer-framed pistols. The added weight also allows you to have better recoil control making it more enjoyable to shoot. 
  • You want something with high versatility. There is a conversion kit for the CZ 75 that allows it to fire a different type of ammunition. So if you are looking to use the CZ 75 B for different occasions, you will find its versatility to be good enough for you.  

You will not like this product if:

  • You are looking for a concealed carry weapon. The size and weight of this handgun doesn’t give it good concealability but it does make it a good choice for defensive and competitive uses. 

3. Glock 17


It shouldn’t come to you as a surprise seeing the Glock 17 Gen 5 in a list of top 9mm pistols. This model of Glock is currently in the fifth generation and has the best upgrades compared to the previous generations. This 9mm has fewer parts which means there are fewer things to break, designed to have faster mag changes and also features tritium night sights for better visibility under low light conditions. 

Glock pistols are definitely one of the most dominant 9mm pistols on the market and have set a standard for 9mm handguns that employ a polymer frame. Not only is this 9mm striker-fired pistol famous in the American market, but it is also popular and commonly used all over the world. 

One thing that every shooter likes about this 9mm is that it is compact enough to be a concealed carry but still big enough that you can fully grip it. This 9mm has a 17-round capacity and if it’s not enough for you, the aftermarket support for this handgun is so great that finding a magazine extension wouldn’t be a problem at all. 

You will like this product if:

  • You are looking for a compact pistol. The size of this model of Glock is small enough to be concealed but not too small that you can’t grip it. 
  • You enjoy firing more rounds of 9mm. This 9mm gun can hold up to 17 rounds of 9mm so you don’t have to keep changing the magazine when using it for target shooting. 
  • You want a lightweight 9mm gun. Pistols that are made from polymer frames are lighter than those that use steel frames and this 9mm Glock weighs in at 24 ounces only. 

You will not like this product if:

  • You prefer heavier pistols that are easier to shoot. The lightweight makes the Glock 17 Gen 5 slightly harder to control compared to other pistols that are heavier. 

4. Glock 19


The popularity of the Glock 19 is extremely high even though it is not the first Glock that was produced. With the 4.01-inch barrel and an overall length of 7.36 inches only, this compact model of Glock is one of the best concealed carry pistols on the market. 

This 9mm semi-automatic pistol can hold up to 15 rounds of 9mm and has a Picatinny rail that allows you to mount things like flashlights, lasers and other optics. While it may not be important for some people, it can definitely give you a good advantage to have accessories mounted on your firearm. 

Despite being a striker-fired pistol, there is no external hammer. The trigger pull is also consistent and has a crisp and lightweight trigger pull. In addition, the Glock 19 Gen 4 is equipped with tritium sights and has a Modular Back Strap design that allows shooters to customize the grip. 

You will like this product if:

  • You like your pistol to be customized easily. The fourth generation of the Glock 19 has implemented an interchangeable backstraps design that allows for changing grips to fit different hand sizes. The Glock 19 also has an accessory rail for mounting optics. 
  • You are looking for a concealed carry pistol. The 9mm Glock 19 is compact enough to be concealed with its short barrel length and the material used for its frame is lightweight, making it easy to carry around. 

You will not like this product if:

  • You want heavier 9mms. Glock 19 has a lightweight build which makes it lighter than many guns on the market. The downside of that is that it will be harder to manage the shots fired by the Glock 19. 

5. SIG Sauer P320


The SIG P320 is another version of the M17 and M18 pistols that are used by the military. There was a period of time where the P320 had some safety issues but the newer models have been upgraded to provide better safety. For anyone that’s looking to buy the P320, make sure that you are getting the newer models for better safety. 

Compared to its competitors like the Glock pistols, the P320 has a superior trigger and better ergonomics. There are a variety of models for the P320 and one of the most famous ones are the X-Series pistols. The X-Series P320 has a better grip, high undercut trigger guard, a flat trigger and has slide cuts. 

The P320 has a barrel length of 3.6 inches with slide serrations and has an X-Ray3 front sight with a rear night sight plate. This 9mm semi-automatic pistol also comes with two 15-round magazines. The slide is made of stainless steel and has a nitron finish which ensures the reliability of the gun.  

You will like this product if:

  • You are looking for a pistol with better features than its competition but offered at similar prices. The SIG Sauer P320 has a good trigger and is better than the triggers that Glock guns have. The slide design and slide finish of the SIG Sauer P320 X-series is also superior compared to its competitors. 
  • You are looking for optic-ready handguns. The SIG Sauer P320 is equipped with an optic-ready slide plate that allows you to mount a red dot sight and enhance the overall performance of the gun. 

You will not like this product if:

  • You would prefer a slimmer pistol. Even though the width of this handgun is 1.3 inches only, there are still other options like the SIG Sauer P365 that are slimmer and easier to carry around. 

6. SIG Sauer P226


The SIG Sauer P226 is one of the best 9mm pistols on the market and was almost the official sidearm for the United States Military after losing to the Beretta M9 by just a little bit. The reason that P226 was not chosen by the military forces but the Navy SEALs instead was because of the price that it was offered at. 

SIG Sauer handguns are usually not striker-fired pistols but hammer-fired instead. The SIG P226 full-size handgun has a stainless steel slide and just like other SIG pistols, it has a metal frame. The heavy build is one of the reasons that the Navy SEALs use the P226 as their sidearm because it can absorb the impact from the shots easily allowing them to maintain accuracy. 

The SIG P226 comes standard with magazines that hold up to 15 rounds of 9mm each. In addition to its capacity, this 9mm semi-automatic handgun comes with a Picatinny rail for you to mount accessories. You might not find the rail to be very useful since most of the newer versions are equipped with red dot sights and can be beneficial for tactical uses. 

A combination of good sights and a smooth double-action/single-action trigger with a short reset has allowed shooters to accurately hit their targets. Other than shooting accurately, the amount of firepower that you get from 15 rounds of 9mm is more than enough during a life and death situation.  

You will like this product if:

  • You are looking for a reliable firearm. The SIG P226 was one of the choices of sidearms for the army of the United States but it only lost by a little to the Beretta M9. If it’s one of the selections for the U.S army, you don’t have to worry about its reliability at all. 
  • You are looking for firearms with tactical features. The newer versions of this handgun have implemented red dot sights and if it is not enough for you, it also comes with an accessory rail for you to mount the stuff that you want.

You will not like this product if:

  • You prefer to have manual safety on your weapon. This 9mm full-size pistol does not have a manual safety but uses the long double-action trigger to prevent accidental discharges. 

7. Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield


The Smith & Wesson M&P Shield is a single stack weapon that is designed to be used as concealed carry. This is because, single stack magazines are usually thinner and lighter and with the use of this category of magazine, the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield is thin and lightweight making it easy to carry around. 

Besides the magazine that makes the S&W M&P lightweight and good for concealed carry, its short 3.1-inch barrel gives a decent barrel length and puts it at an overall length of 6.1 inches only. The barrel is also ported to reduce muzzle rise allowing shooters to stay on their target and take each shot accurately.  

The M&P handguns are available in different calibers other than 9mm. For instance, they are offered in other calibers such as .22 LR, .40 S&W, .357 SIG and .45 ACP. Regardless of which caliber you choose to go with, the durability and reliability of Smith & Wesson handguns still remain. For the 9mm Luger, it comes with two magazines, one that can hold 8 rounds with finger grooves and another 7-round magazine. 

If you feel like the M&P pistols are not good enough for you or the price is slightly too high for you, there is an upgraded version which is the M&P 2.0. The M&P 2.0 is a more affordable option with an improved grip angle and has a better grip texture. It also has a higher magazine capacity than the usual M&P.

You will like this product if:

  • You are looking for reliable 9mm firearms. Although the S&W M&P Shield is not used by law enforcement agencies, it doesn’t mean that it is not a good weapon. Smith & Wesson is one of the best manufacturers in the industry and its reputation for making some of the best handguns is good enough to know that this is a reliable handgun.
  • You are in search of a good CCW. This is one of the best handguns in the market to be used as a CCW because of how slim and short it is. Its thumb safety is only placed on one side instead of both sides to ensure that it has a slim profile. 

You will not like this product if:

  • You would like to have a magazine with high capacity. Because the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield is a compact pistol, it is harder to have higher round counts which is why it only has a 7 to 8-round capacity. 

8. Walther P99 AS


Walther is a well-known brand as the manufacturer of James Bond’s sidearm. Besides that, it is also a reputable company that makes quality products like the Walther PPQ M2 and Walther PPS. All of them are also in many lists of best handguns, and we particularly enjoyed the Walther PPQ M2 and to be honest with you, the Walther P99 AS is no exception. 

The Walther P99 AS is a striker-fired weapon but it has a double-action/single-action trigger with a very short reset. This feature of the P99 actually acts as a safety mechanism because carrying a single action handgun was dangerous and giving a lighter trigger pull for the long double-action shot makes it safer to be carried around. The system that is implemented for this striker-fired 9mm pistol gives it a restrike capability if the round wasn’t ignited immediately. 

Other features like the ambidextrous paddle magazine release and a no snag decocker are why the P99 is such a great 9mm handgun. This is also a polymer-framed firearm which means it is lightweight and provides a certain level of comfort when carrying it. It also offers a good level of protection with a capacity of 15 rounds.

You will like this product if:

  • You are looking for a unique model of firearm. Double action/single action triggers are commonly seen in hammer-fired pistols and rarely in striker-fired handguns. The Walther P99 AS is a clear innovative example of DA/SA trigger in a striker-fired gun. 
  • You are looking for a weapon with good safeties. The trigger action that is implemented can act as a safety feature for the P99 AS and many gun owners find this innovative safety feature to be practical.
  • You prefer lighter weapons. The lightweight build puts the gun at a weight of 24 ounces only making it a great choice for carrying it in a holster. 

You will not like this product if:

  • You prefer the traditional magazine release button. The Walther P99’s magazine release is a lever on the trigger guard that your trigger finger of your firing hand can access. It is not like the traditional push-button and may require some training to get used to it. 

9. Springfield Armory XD-S Mod 2


Handguns from the Springfield XD series are some of the most versatile 9mm handguns on the market. Springfield Armory, Glock and Smith & Wesson are three of the top manufacturers in the industry and all their firearms are made to be on par and to compete with one another. 

The Springfield XD-S is a compact version of the Springfield XD-M but it also shares the same grip safety. In comparison to the Glock 43, this pistol is longer and taller but it is also slimmer giving it a smaller width which makes it easier to carry in concealment. The difference between these two great guns does not just end there. The Springfield Armory XD-S has magazine options of 7 rounds and 9 rounds magazines, whereas the Glock 43 only has 6-round magazines. 

The brother of this pistol, the XD-M is also one of the top ten 9mms on the market. This 5.25-inch barrel Competition model has reduced slide weight, has a nice grip angle that feels good when you hold it in your hand. It can be considered as the full-size version of the XD-S.   

You will like this product if:

  • You are looking for a high-quality pistol. It is Springfield’s goal to constantly improve and make high-quality firearms for everyone and this handgun is no exception. The barrel is made of hammer forged steel and has a lightweight build that ensures the durability of the pistol. 
  • You are looking for a handgun to be used as a CCW. The handgun’s short barrel length and polymer build make it lightweight and easy to conceal which is why it is the best option for a CCW.

You will not like this product if:

  • You want to have a higher capacity. The capacity of this handgun is not considered high nor low as it can hold up to 9 rounds. However, there are other guns out there that have a similar size but with higher capacity. 

Our Thoughts – The Best Overall

From this list of best 9mm pistols, the best one would be the Glock 17. It is one of the top pistols in the United States and is commonly used by law enforcement too. Not only is this pistol good for duty, but it is also a great pistol for home defense too. It’s one of the most well-balanced pistols in terms of size and functionality that you can find on the market. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What pistol do FBI agents carry?

SIG Sauer P226. One of the top guns that are used by the FBI is the P226 chambered for 9mm and .40S&W. This has been the standard firearm that the FBI issues to their agents since a long time ago. 

Q: What is the most used pistol in the world?

Glock. Ever since WWII ended, the Austrian military wanted to replace the Walther P-38 with something new and that is when the Glock was made. Since then, it has been one of the most popular weapons all over the world. 

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